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The ABCs of Me

This is a blog post idea I've had for a while. In fact, this has been in my drafts for a few weeks now, but I never got around to posting or finishing it until this week. If you haven't figured it out, I'm sharing more about myself in this post, using every letter of the alphabet, I've chosen a word or phrase that is somehow about me.

Some of these letters were really easy to choose something for while others were definitely a struggle. But I thought this would be a really fun blog post to do.


If you're familiar with my blog or got to this post from any of my social media, then you probably know Amanda is my first name. I'm 99-percent sure my parents named me Amanda because it starts with an A.

If you didn't already know, I'm a twin, and her name is Ashley. Ashley was born first, and my mom knew she wanted to name her Ashley after Ashley Judd. So I guess my parents thought of other names that began with A and liked Amanda.


Just some of my books! This is probably 1/4 of the books I have in my room.

I've always loved books and reading. I do consider myself a bookworm and will forever have a never-ending "to-read" list. I have the Goodreads app on my phone and my Kindle so I can always keep track of what I'm reading. I can spend hours at Barnes and Noble browsing the shelves for new books to read (as if there aren't enough books I already want to read!).


This is my middle name, which I use along with my first name for all of my social media usernames. It's my paternal grandmother's first name, and I really like it. I think it flows and goes well with my first name and last name. Plus, it's pretty and rather unique but not too unique.

Fashion Friday: 2018 Prom Picks

It's April, which means it's officially prom season! This is a really exciting time for a lot of high school juniors and seniors, and even though I'm a college graduate, I'm excited about it, too, because I love looking at prom dresses (and clothes in general).

I actually never went to my prom because I didn't want to for multiple reasons. I'm not much of a dance person anyway. I just want to wear a pretty dress but didn't want a prom dress badly enough to go to prom for that sole reason. Anyway, now that it's prom season and I never went to prom, I wanted to share my prom picks for this year. So if I were a girl shopping for a prom dress this year, these are the 10 dresses I'd definitely want to try on. (Obviously they're all pink!)

If you want to shop for any of these dresses or just want to see what other colors they come in, etc., click the photo or the caption!

Two-piece dress sets

Most of the dresses I chose are two-piece ones because I just really love the idea of dress sets. I don't know what it is, but I've adored two-piece dress sets since they became trendy a few years ago.
Sherri Hill # 51723
Sherri Hill is my favorite dress/gown designer, so there are a few of her gowns in this post. This is more of a peachy pink while the rest of these dresses are pink, no argument about it. I love the lace top and how it's a slightly different shade of pink from the satin skirt. It adds some fun contrast and texture to the set. It's pretty plain overall but not too plain. I've never gone prom dress shopping or anything, but I know I wouldn't want my dress to be solid and super plain.

Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

I've been wanting to add more variety to my blog content and decided to do more "about me" posts. I've had this blog for a while now but don't have much content under this label, so I'm going to try to do more about me posts, whether they be fun random ones like these or more personal posts.

I had a weird phase where I went back and forth about liking pizza.

Don't worry. I love pizza now.
This was when I was around 5/6/7-years-old, which was the peak of my picky eating. I don't know why I did this, but for a little while I didn't like pizza, and then I did for several months. Then I decided I didn't like it anymore and went back and forth for a few years, I think? 

Eventually I snapped out of it and stuck with liking pizza.
It's crazy to think back to that time because 1. it doesn't even make sense, and 2. I love pizza now. I couldn't imagine not eating pizza now!

My March Favorites

Last month was probably the most eventful month of 2018 for me. I went to multiple sporting events, tried lots of new food, and discovered some great music. Here are the things I discovered/initially tried and really enjoyed in March:

GK Elite x Marvel Comics Fitted Pull Over

Marvel Comics Fitted Pull Over
I got this quarterzip from the GK Elite booth at the Nastia Liukin Cup meet I went to at the start of March. I originally wasn't going to buy anything from its booth but saw this and thought it was too cool to pass up. The Marvel movies are my favorite superhero movies, and I could use more activewear, so I splurged.

Full Tilt mesh inset leggings from Tillys

If you saw my Tilly's shopping haul post, then these leggings should look familiar. These are really comfy, and I love the cool mesh and faux leather inset details. I'm a sucker for leggings with mesh insets and cutouts like these.

Fashion Friday: Jump(suit) Into Spring

One of my favorite trends for this spring is the jumpsuit! Jumpsuits make putting an outfit together super easy, and there are many different styles and ways to wear one. Plus, they can easily incorporate a lot of other spring trends. Here are some of my favorite jumpsuits that are perfect for spring:


ONE CLOTHING Floral Dot Gaucho Jumpsuit

I actually have this jumpsuit and plan on wearing it for Easter this Sunday as long as it's not terribly cold. This jumpsuit incorporates the obvious spring trend of florals along with the wrap style and wide leg. The tie waist belt pulls it in at the middle to create a nice silhouette and prevent it from looking too wide and flowy. The midi length lets you show some skin and shortens the silhouette but doesn't make anything look stubby.

Fashion Friday: $100 Tillys Shopping Haul

One great thing about social media, especially Instagram, is the abundance of contests. I was the winner of a contest at the end of February and won a $100 Tillys e-gift card just by commenting on an Instagram post! As a fashion lover and recent college graduate who's still looking for a job and paying student loans, I was ecstatic and took full advantage of the gift card.

I wanted to get the most out of this gift card and buy as much as I could, so I looked at all of the sale items first, and a ton of great items were on sale. After hours of browsing the Tillys site, I decided on seven clothing items to use all of my gift card on. (What a steal, right?)

Without realizing it until checkout, I bought clothes that went together to create three different outfits. I was so excited to get my clothes that I couldn't wait to go out and wear them to show them off. So I did a mini photoshoot to try on and style the clothes for this haul post and show how much $100 can really buy.

(I've linked everything I bought from Tillys in the photo captions and even indicated if what's on sale!)

Outfit 1

This first outfit is definitely a fall outfit, but there is no way I'm waiting for August or September to wear it. It's just too cute to wait to wear. I wish it were warm enough in Chicago to wear now because I want to wear it so badly. I absolutely love the colors of this outfit since I'm a big fan of burgundy/maroon/deep dark reddish pinks. The different textures from the suede skirt and the ruffled bell sleeves play off each other quite nicely. The top can be tucked in or worn normally, and it looks cute both ways. I personally prefer it untucked.

Altar'd State choker | IVY & MAIN Off The Shoulder Womens Plaid Shirt | IVY & MAIN Suede Scallop Skirt (SALE) | Charlotte Russe ankle boots
This top was the first thing I added to my cart. Once I saw it, I knew I wanted it because I really liked it but didn't have anything like it. I don't own a lot of purple but really enjoy these deep, rich colors. I've seen a lot of off-the-shoulder tops with bell sleeves but never one like this. I like to think of this as a top as a modern, trendy Blair Waldorf because plaid is so Gossip Girl.

IVY & MAIN Off The Shoulder Womens Plaid Shirt (SALE) | IVY & MAIN Suede Scallop Skirt (SALE)