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Fashion Friday: OOTD: Mid-Summer Mix

I actually went out last month more than I thought I would, which was a pleasant surprise since I've always spent most of my summers at home everyday. July is definitely one of the hotter months of summer, and I had a mix of occasions to go out for last month, so I got to play around with my outfits and express different vibes depending on what I was doing that day. Here's my mid-summer mix of outfits from July:

July 1, 2017

BP by Nordstrom backpack | Striped embroidered floral tank from  BDG American Eagle | high-waisted shorts from Urban Outfitters | marble sunglasses from Express | Mad Love slip-on sandals from Target
The first of the month was a pretty jam-packed day. I had to get up and leave the house earlier than normal because my mom's plans began pretty early. After she was done with the class she had to take for work, we got to relax for the rest of the day and shop till we dropped. 

It was pretty hot and very sunny this day, and I knew we'd be shopping, walking around a lot, so I wanted to be comfy. I love the tank I wore because florals and stripes are a great combo, and I adore the embroidered flowers on it. I tied the tank at the front because that's how it was at the store when I saw it and thought it was super cute. Plus, it looks better that way. I also love those sandals because they're super comfy and cushiony, making them perfect even for days full of walking. 

July 8, 2017

Caution to the Wind choker cutout tee from TJ Maxx | BDG high-waisted shorts from Urban Outfitters | Mad Love sandals from Target | Steve Madden purse from Marshalls
I didn't really know what my family's plans were for this day other than my mom needing to go to the dentist. I didn't think we'd do too much ― which I was right about ― so I kept it pretty simple and casual.

I really like the choker cutout tee but wasn't sure what the best bottoms to wear it with were. I tried on a few and thought the shorts in the light wash went best. But then I didn't know if the shirt would look better tied at the front like the striped tank I wore on July 1. I guess I figured it looked better normal. I didn't really know what shoes I wanted to wear, so I just went with those sandals because they're comfy and don't not match. Also I didn't know what purse I wanted to use. I wasn't sure what color with go best with the shirt, since that's the focal point of the outfit. 

Overall, I'm not crazy about this outfit and probably won't wear this combo again. In fact, I don't think I can because I washed that shirt and it shrunk even though I didn't put it in the dryer. Weird. I'm not too upset about it, though, because it was only $8. And after wearing it once and struggling to find out what to wear and pair it with, I'm not too upset about it.

July 15, 2017

Zara baseball hat | Kendra Scott necklace | Forever 21 tank | H&M high-waisted shorts
I went to finally move out of my apartment at school on this day, so I just kept it plain and simple again. I knew I'd be moving a lot that day in terms of physical activity, so I'd be sweating and needed to move easily. So I opted for this comfy pink tank and stretchy black shorts. The shorts are made out of a good amount of spandex so they stretch and aren't confining like other ones can be. My hat says "THE FUTURE IS PINK," which I wanted to wear because I hadn't worn it yet since getting it.

July 17, 2017

Garage choker cutout dress | Express marble sunglasses | Steve Madden purse from Marshalls | white Converse
I did not expect to leave my house this day but for some reason my mom wanted me to come with her to Chicago for her doctor's appointments. So I did. I knew if I was coming with, we'd for sure go shopping downtown, and it wasn't me seeing the doctor, so I opted for this choker cutout dress. It was warm but not hot that day in the city, so wearing sleeves wasn't a problem. When I usually go downtown in the summer, I don't normally wear sandals because of the walking (even though I've now walked farther/more in sandals in the city). Plus, I thought my white Converse went really well with this dress. Overall, I really love this outfit because it's trendy and a little bit urban.

July 21, 2017

Urban Outfitters velvet choker | Sienna Sky floral jumpsuit from Marshalls | Mossimo sandals from Target | Steve Madden purse from Marshalls

I definitely didn't like wearing this jumpsuit all day. I went out starting around 10 or 11 AM this day because I had an eye doctor appointment, but since my family was going out for dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse later that night, my mom just wanted me to wear whatever I was going to wear for dinner all day.

It's not that this jumpsuit was a struggle to take off when trying on clothes or going to the bathroom later in the day when we went to the mall. It's that we went to an outdoor mall on a hot, sunny day, and I was wearing a black jumpsuit. I was sweating much more than I would've liked considering my outfit. Since it's a jumpsuit and not a romper, my legs were really hot. But it's fine. I survived.

Thankfully, I don't think the jumpsuit is too dressy but not too casual, so it worked for during the night and at dinner. The only thing I would've liked to change for the day to night transition is my shoes, but I didn't have nicer shoes to go with this other than heels. If I had some, I would've liked to wear some heeled sandals or like summer booties with the cutouts.

July 30, 2017

Forever 21 dress | Francesca's bag
I decided to wear this dress because we were going to church that day, and when we go to church on Sundays, I like to dress up, especially in the summertime. I didn't know we'd be going anywhere after, but we did. Luckily, this dress wasn't too fancy or anything, and I wore comfy sandals. 

When I go to church on Sundays (sometimes we go on Saturday evenings), we don't usually go anywhere after except maybe a restaurant to eat, so I don't like to bring big purses because I don't need to bring much. Although I do make sure to bring my card and money just in case we do. Thankfully, I can usually fit everything I need in a smaller purse. I just like bigger purses because I can fit a water bottle in them.

What have you worn to beat the summer heat? Which outfit(s) did you like best?

My July Favorites

Image via Creative Commons
This is the start of my monthly blog series featuring my favorite things from that month. I got the idea from Dance Moms' Chloe Lukasiak, who's made YouTube videos where she shares her favorite things from that month.

It's pretty simple and easy, plus it's fun and a bit different from my other blog posts. So in these monthly blog posts, I'm just going to talk about and show up to 10 things I discovered or was really into that month. What I like about this blog series is there's a wide range of things I could share, from books to movies to clothes or even food. So here are my July 2017 favorites:

Love Her Wild by Atticus

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I first discovered this book when the non-profit organization To Write Love on Her Arms (if you're a frequent reader of my blog, you've probably seen its name a bunch of times already) tweeted about the book and how for every pre-order of it, $1 would be donated to TWLOHA. I'd never heard of the book or its author before, but I always check out the books that donate to TWLOHA.

So I looked it up on Amazon and was interested right away. I'm not super into poetry, but I do enjoy it. And I was especially intrigued by Love Her Wild. I pre-ordered it and got it on the release day. I started reading it the day of. Since it's a poetry book, it's easy to read quickly, but it's so good, the words and so beautiful, and I loved it so much that I didn't want to devour it and read it all in one day. So I took my time with it, really trying to savor the words.

The book is actually divided into three sections: love, her, and wild. What a clever idea considering the book title! I adored the way the book was divided and really loved quite a few poems from each section. I kind of want to buy another copy to highlight, bookmark, and write all over so I can easily find my favorite poems and stuff.

What I'm Listening to: Summer 2017

For the first month and a half or so of summer, I listened to a lot of the same music I've been listening to for months ― some of it even since December and January. But this month I finally started consistently listening to some new music that it'll probably be playing for the rest of the summer. As usual, you can check out all of the music in the playlist at the very bottom of this post, but since I really like some of these songs' music videos, I decided to include those as well.

Why - Sabrina Carpenter

When Sabrina's sophomore album came out earlier this year, I listened to it on repeat for months. Then she announced she would be releasing a new single ― off the album ― right near the start of her summer tour. I was definitely excited for it as I was really enjoying her new music.

I actually got to listen to it a few hours before it was supposed to be released because the lyric video was released earlier on one site. I don't remember my initial reaction to it, but I liked the message immediately.  It doesn't really matter if you like different things. You can be different and still have a good relationship with someone.

Plus the music video has Casey Cott from Riverdale, which is probably my new favorite show, so that's cool. This is one of the music videos I really like even though I feel like Sabrina looks a little too young to be with Casey in the video. I love the photography aspect of it, though!

Fashion Friday: Style Icons: Aly Raisman

Ever since I started closely following gymnastics in 2012, Aly Raisman has consistently been one of my favorites. The three-time Olympic gold medalist is not only an awesome gymnast but has a great fashion sense as well. It's evident in her leotard collection with GK Elite.

Her talent and hard work for gymnastics paired with her fabulous style makes her one of my idols. And with the USA Gymnastics U.S. Classic happening this weekend, I thought it'd be an appropriate time to feature her as one of my style icons. Here are some of my favorite looks from Aly: (It was really hard not to pick 20 because I really love her style.)

Aly's ESPYS look from this year was just stunning! I love this black dress she wore. The top of the bodice is beautifully jeweled, and I like the asymmetry of it. In addition, the dress has layers and a side slit that lets Aly show a little leg, which goes along with the slanted jeweled top. The black choker and strappy heels keep the look simple while completing it at the same time.

There will be no Regina George hating someone's mom's vintage clothes with this dress! This was a great find from Aly's mom's closet. It's simple, classy, girly, and unique all at once. Black and white always pair well, and I love the contrast it creates here. The floral triangle at the front is such a unique design that I've never seen before, but it looks great and adds a little flair to the otherwise pencil straight shape.

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Classic colors strike again for Aly! This is what she wore to the NHL Awards, and I think it's a very fitting dress. I love the sequins everywhere. It adds a good amount of sparkle and shine, and since most of them are black, it's not overwhelming. The varsity stripes down the middle add a sporty vibe to the dress, which is perfect since this was for the NHL Awards!

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Despite the fact I can't see Aly's entire outfit here, I still love it. The colors are beautiful and light, which are great for summertime and Cali, which was the setting here. Once again, she keeps it simple with just a plain white top and mint maxi skirt, but it's a great pair. It's cute and casual but also fun and girly at the same time.

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Here's one of Aly's bolder and more urban looks. And even though I can't see what the bottom half of her outfit consists of, I don't really care because this part looks fabulous. I love the hot pink and black color combo. It creates a vibrant contrast that's great for nighttime. The mesh and lace crop top is super cute. I adore the scalloped pattern. It's a great top for a night out, which Aly was doing here.

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If you haven't noticed by now, Aly knows how to rock the red carpet. The color of her dress complements her skin tone really well and doesn't blend into the carpet. I love the off-the-shoulder look in addition to the V-shape at the top. The little train at the back is also really cute and elegant and just seems like a great fit for the Golden Globes.

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Black definitely seems like a go-to color for Aly, and I don't blame her! Black will never go out of style and is just a classic color that's so versatile. I love how Aly played with lengths with this outfit. The romper has half sleeves rather than a short or long sleeve and adds some coverage. Then the short romper is paired with thigh-high boots to make for a super cute combo. Thigh-high boots can be difficult to pull off, but Aly has got it down. I also love the mesh and floral appliques on her romper in addition to the little ruffles at the ends of the sleeves. It creates a good balance of edgy and girly.

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After seeing Aly in so many black outfits, this is refreshing! In fact, this outfit overall is just refreshing. That's the word that comes to mind when I see this ensemble. The color makes her skin look great, and the white just really pops! I love the little ruffles at the end of her sleeves, and the simple nude heels keep the attention on the dress. This is such a chic look. I love it! And I'm actually really glad there isn't a pop of color anywhere because I love the way this looks as is.

This is a different look than I'm used to seeing on Aly. Usually I'm used to seeing her look sporty in workout gear or a leotard or super stylish on the red carpet or for other events. At this event, she shows her New England roots. It gives off equestrian/preppy vibes, and it looks great on her. (She's from Boston, and one of her sisters rides horses, so I'm not surprised.) I love the cut and shape of the blazer. It doesn't make her look like a businesswoman at all, and it looks really good with the high-neck top she has on. Dark jeans and the dark burgundy thigh-high boots complete the equestrian-esque look but don't make it look too preppy. The pointy toe, height, and color of the boots go for a more stylish, chic look rather than an a equestrian vibe, so Aly balanced it all very well.

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This is definitely one of my favorite red-carpet looks Aly has ever worn. While most people would probably feel weird wearing a leotard in public, Aly's obviously very used to it. Honestly, I'm surprised she'd wear a leotard outside of gymnastics because all the gymnasts I know would avoid that at all costs.

Anyway, this dress is by Hayley Paige, and I love all of her designs. She mostly does wedding dresses, but who really cares if this doesn't look like a normal wedding dress or if Aly's on the Country Music Awards red carpet? I absolutely love the light pink color of this in addition to the sparkles strewn throughout the mesh overlay. It gives off princess vibes, and the leotard underneath makes it give off ballerina vibes. This is definitely a bold look in terms of conventionality, but Aly isn't afraid to take some fashion risks and certainly pulled this one off.

Which of Aly's looks did you like best?  And if you've seen the leotards she's designed, can you see her own style in them after looking at some of her out-of-gym looks?

Fashion Friday: Style Icons: Sabrina Carpenter

Most people my age probably wouldn't really know of Sabrina Carpenter unless they're familiar with Disney Channel's now-canceled show Girl Meets World (the sequel series to Boy Meets World) or they listen to her music. I love GMW despite the fact it's a "kids show," so that how I know of her.

Because of the show, I discovered her music, which I enjoy. I know Disney Channel makes nearly every one of its stars sing, Sabrina's actually got a great voice and range that sets her apart from others on the channel. Anyway, since her latest single "Why" was recently released, I've decided to feature her as my next style icon.

A post shared by Sabrina Carpenter (@sabrinacarpenter) on

Sabrina tends to go to dark/black outfits for her shows, which seems very appropriate since it gives off a rocker glam vibe. I love all the layers to this outfit. The mesh top and tights add a sheer element and different texture, and the cropped tank underneath and the leather shorts add a bolder factor and another dimension to complete the look. It's definitely a fantastic concert outfit!

Pretty Little Liars Fashion Favorites: Season 7

Image via Freeform
Two weeks have been since Pretty Little Liars has officially ended, and now it's time for the end of this PLL fashion favorites series. While I don't think the final season was the best in terms of fashion, it certainly delivered for Aria and Hanna, especially. I loved so many pieces and outfits they wore this past season. However, I didn't really care much for anyone else's wardrobe. And just as the series finale was jam-packed with information, it was also full of great outfits!

Aria Montgomery

Bomber jackets were really trendy during season seven, and I especially adore this one. The green and beige go well together and create a simple contrast, but my favorite part of the jacket has to be the desert cactus patch on Aria's left side. So cute!