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One Year Post-Grad Reflections of a Patient Alumna

So it's officially been a year (and a few days) since I've graduated from college, and it's still hard to believe it's already been that long. A lot's happened in the last 12 months.

I met my favorite gymnast, Nastia Liukin. I went to New York for the first time. I saw my first show on Broadway. I watched a lot of TV shows and movies for the first time. I saw the yearbook that I helped make and lead the creation of come to life and held it in my hands, experiencing the most rewarding feeling. I reunited with my best friend since sixth grade for the first time in four years. I traveled to San Francisco and met relatives I've never met before. I met Chloe Lukasiak from Dance Moms. I went to a club gymnastics meet for the first time. I saw Leslie Odom, Jr. sing live. I went to my first job interview. I got my first job offer. I declined my first job offer.

Like I said, a lot's happened in a year. But notice the absence of "I started my first adult job." That's definitely not what I expected or planned.

Fashion Friday: OOTD: Spring Into April

It's been a while since I last did an outfit compilation post because I hadn't been going out consistently enough to have outfits to take photos of, but now that the weather's nicer, I think they'll be more frequent again!

April 8

Garage cropped sweater | Hollister skinny jeans | Keds from Nordstrom Rack | Kate Spade purse
Even though this was from the beginning of April, it was a bit chilly for this time of year, so I opted for a light sweater. It wasn't like winter cold, but not quite the nice spring temperatures you'd expect from early April. I paired the sweater with some light wash distressed denim because it felt more spring-like, and if it didn't feel like spring outside, at least I could bring some spring vibes to my outfit?

My April Favorites

Even though I had a pretty busy April, I didn't have a lot of things to include in this post. I actually had a rather difficult time coming up with stuff to put in this post, so this is a pretty short favorites post that is being published later than I'd like. But if you like fashion and shopping, this is a good favorites post to check out.

Monteau Los Angeles striped jumpsuit from Marshalls

I'd seen this jumpsuit in multiple Marshalls stores and wanted it the second I saw it, but I could never find it in my size. I eventually found it in my size, tried it on, and decided to buy it. Despite how much I liked it when I saw it in stores, I didn't fall head over heels for it until I went out and actually wore it.

I wore it to my first in-person job interview, which was to work at a fashion retail store's headquarters, so I knew I wanted to show my knowledge and love for fashion with my outfit. If I was going to interview for a fashion job, I needed to dress like it. I didn't just want to wear nice pants and a blazer, so this jumpsuit was the perfect piece for me to get.

It's really comfy and trendy, as stripes and jumpsuits are big this season. I love the colors, and it can easily be dressed up or down.

 Riley Rose

I first heard of this store (which is actually Forever 21's beauty/gifts store) on Facebook when I saw a video featuring Riley Rose. It looked so pretty and fun in the video, and the Chicago Water Tower Place location is exactly that. There's a ton of makeup products for sale in addition to a cute little counter complete with tablets and mirrors to help you try out certain looks. And if you're not super into makeup, there are lots of other fun items there as well from hair and beauty accessories to snacks to stationery and home decor. Riley Rose has such adorable decor with white tile walls and neon pink quote lights. Every location also has a little selfie/photo wall (pictured above), which I absolutely love.

Chloe Lukasiak's Brandon Maxwell prom dress

Chloe has such good taste in fashion! This dress is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colors and the design. The pink straps for the halter around the neck and at the waist add a nice contrast and cute details. The dress is flowy and has a little train going on but isn't your typical prom dress. This is the kind of dress you'd see at a red carpet event rather than a prom, but I think it's a good choice for Chloe. It's more mature but still age appropriate. I'm not even upset there aren't any rhinestones on it because it doesn't need any. I'm actually getting Grecian goddess vibes from this dress, and I love it!

Rose Gold Metallic Diamond Popsocket

I needed to get a new Popsocket after I accidentally messed up my other one. I unknowingly forcibly moved it twice trying to put my phone in my arm sleeve before running, and that's not how you're supposed to move Popsockets. So after getting annoyed with trying to stick it back on a bunch of times, I just got a new one. I love the color and design of this one as it's rose gold and looks like a diamond. I love rose gold, and the design of it is simple yet chic.

I was worried it would scratch rather easily since it has a smooth aluminum like finish, but it hasn't scratched once. I've been relatively careful with it to prevent scratches, but there were occasions I forgot about its finish and did something where I thought it might get scratched, but it still looks like I just got it!

What were some highlights or favorites from last month?

Fashion Friday: Style Icons: Stephanie Styles

Image credit
Last weekend I was thoroughly entertained by watching Stephanie Styles's Instagram story of her being the happiest person ever when she was at Disneyland. I vicariously lived through her and just enjoyed watching her be super happy and adorable at Disneyland. After watching that, I would definitely say I adore her.

She's most famous for being the first person to play Katherine in the first national tour of Disney's Newsies (the live musical, not the movie from the 1990s.), which is my favorite Broadway musical. I've only seen the professionally recorded version of the musical that was in theaters, which you can now find on Netflix or Amazon, and she actually wasn't it that one, but I started following her on Instagram several months ago just because I really like Newsies. Now I'm just a big fan of her even though I've never seen anything she's in.

Obviously she's a great singer. She's a huge Disney fan (I could probably do an entire post about my favorite Disney outfits of hers), and she can do amazing impressions of different Disney characters (including singing just like Snow White, which blows my mind!). Her hair always looks so pretty, and she can rock red lipstick like no one else, and I just love her and her style. So I wanted to feature her as one of my style icons. After all, her last name is Styles!

A post shared by Stephanie Styles (@bystyles) on

What a pretty and perfectly springy Easter outfit! I love the different textures from the top and the skirt (I honestly don't know if this is a dress?) and how they contrast. The skirt reminds me very much of a flowy ballerina skirt considering the tulle-like material and how it looks in that slo-mo, and I love it! Knowing Stephanie loves Disney, this outfit definitely makes me think of Cinderella. The nude accessories go well with the color palette and keep it clean and soft.

The ABCs of Me

This is a blog post idea I've had for a while. In fact, this has been in my drafts for a few weeks now, but I never got around to posting or finishing it until this week. If you haven't figured it out, I'm sharing more about myself in this post, using every letter of the alphabet, I've chosen a word or phrase that is somehow about me.

Some of these letters were really easy to choose something for while others were definitely a struggle. But I thought this would be a really fun blog post to do.


If you're familiar with my blog or got to this post from any of my social media, then you probably know Amanda is my first name. I'm 99-percent sure my parents named me Amanda because it starts with an A.

If you didn't already know, I'm a twin, and her name is Ashley. Ashley was born first, and my mom knew she wanted to name her Ashley after Ashley Judd. So I guess my parents thought of other names that began with A and liked Amanda.


Just some of my books! This is probably 1/4 of the books I have in my room.

I've always loved books and reading. I do consider myself a bookworm and will forever have a never-ending "to-read" list. I have the Goodreads app on my phone and my Kindle so I can always keep track of what I'm reading. I can spend hours at Barnes and Noble browsing the shelves for new books to read (as if there aren't enough books I already want to read!).


This is my middle name, which I use along with my first name for all of my social media usernames. It's my paternal grandmother's first name, and I really like it. I think it flows and goes well with my first name and last name. Plus, it's pretty and rather unique but not too unique.

Fashion Friday: 2018 Prom Picks

It's April, which means it's officially prom season! This is a really exciting time for a lot of high school juniors and seniors, and even though I'm a college graduate, I'm excited about it, too, because I love looking at prom dresses (and clothes in general).

I actually never went to my prom because I didn't want to for multiple reasons. I'm not much of a dance person anyway. I just want to wear a pretty dress but didn't want a prom dress badly enough to go to prom for that sole reason. Anyway, now that it's prom season and I never went to prom, I wanted to share my prom picks for this year. So if I were a girl shopping for a prom dress this year, these are the 10 dresses I'd definitely want to try on. (Obviously they're all pink!)

If you want to shop for any of these dresses or just want to see what other colors they come in, etc., click the photo or the caption!

Two-piece dress sets

Most of the dresses I chose are two-piece ones because I just really love the idea of dress sets. I don't know what it is, but I've adored two-piece dress sets since they became trendy a few years ago.
Sherri Hill # 51723
Sherri Hill is my favorite dress/gown designer, so there are a few of her gowns in this post. This is more of a peachy pink while the rest of these dresses are pink, no argument about it. I love the lace top and how it's a slightly different shade of pink from the satin skirt. It adds some fun contrast and texture to the set. It's pretty plain overall but not too plain. I've never gone prom dress shopping or anything, but I know I wouldn't want my dress to be solid and super plain.