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Detailing My Favorites from Warby Parker's Epigraph Collection

All photos courtesy of Warby Parker
As someone who's worn glasses for nearly my entire life, I enjoy and appreciate looking at designs and styles of eyewear like it's shopping for clothes. Since a lot of frames can look similar, it's really the details that set them apart and help glasses wearers like me choose the perfect pair.

That's what I appreciate most in Warby Parker's Epigraph collection. In literary terms, an epigraph is simply an inscription at the start of the piece of work or each section that establishes its theme. For Warby Parker's newest collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses, its epigraph is the "subtle yet punchy metal design detail" that's present on each frame, tying the collection together. 

So to celebrate Warby Parker's new frames, I'm sharing my favorites from the Epigraph collection.


Hugo in Jet Black
The Hugo eyeglass is pretty simple in design, but I really like the round frames and how the frame curves at the top as well. If you're a fan of simplicity and style, the Hugo eyeglasses in Jet Black are a great fit. The design is timeless and black will never go out of style.

Fashion Friday: Style Icons: Lea Michele

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For the past few weeks, my sister and I have been rewatching the former Fox hit TV show Glee. In honor of that, I decided to feature its star, Lea Michele, in my latest Fashion Friday post as a style icon.

I definitely considered myself a Gleek, as it was my favorite show when I was in high school. I enjoyed so many of the songs it gave the world, and I really enjoyed rewatching it now that I've been to New York (where Rachel Berry, Lea's character, aspires to be) and now that I've watched a few musicals (they sang a lot of showtunes on the show). And while Rachel Berry's fashion sense wasn't my favorite in the show (especially the first few seasons), I adore a bunch of the outfits Lea has worn as herself.

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This jumpsuit just screams fresh and earthy elegant to me. White always gives me crisp, clean, and fresh vibes, and the lace is a pretty little detail. I didn't realize this before, but it's cool how the nude mesh at the top of the jumpsuit gives it a faux choker look. The shiny beading on the top is what gives me that earthy elegant feel and adds a nice amount of sparkle to the white jumpsuit. The metallic clutch also adds a nice shine factor.

My January Favorites

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January was a pretty chill month (literally and figuratively) as I spent most of it watching TV, reading, listening to music, eating, or job searching. That gave me a lot of time to find and try some new things that I really enjoyed, which I've listed below:

Supernova - Ansel Elgort

Actor and musician Ansel Elgort released his latest song last month, and it's so fun! It's definitely unlike anything I've heard before with the electronic beats and jazz flute combination. His voice sounds amazing and really stands out against the electronic-sounding music, creating a cool juxtaposition of sounds and vibes.

Fashion Friday: Style Icons: Hailee Steinfeld

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It's been a while, but it's time to feature another one of my style icons! For this week's Fashion Friday, I'm featuring some of my favorite looks from award-winning actress and musician Hailee Steinfeld, one of my favorite singers who has some amazing red carpet looks!

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The second and fourth photos in the Instagram post above best show off the ravishing red dress Hailee wore to a Grammys event. It's simple with just the solid red fabric, but the side cutouts, backless design, buckled belt, and high skirt slits give it some flair. I love how flowy the skirt is, contrasting with the fitted bodice. Some may think the red lip and heels make this outfit too red, but I think all the red isn't overwhelming at all, but rather nice and bold.

What I Want to Read: Winter 2018

A new year means new books and a new reading goal! I'm aiming for 30 books this year and plan on starting off with these:

Fierce: How Competing for Myself Changed Everything by Aly Raisman

Image via Goodreads
Aly Raisman is amazing, in case you haven't heard recently (which I find hard to believe given the Women's March and Nassar trial happening last week and this week). So if that isn't enough reason to read her book, Aly tells her stories of struggle and success well. Fans and readers get more of an inside look at her gymnastics career and even her family.

She shares more of her inspiring and motivating words that teach young girls, women, and everyone really to love themselves and not be ashamed of how they look or what others say about them. I think it's one of the best ―if not the best ― memoir/biography a gymnast has written in recent years. Plus, it has a great author's note and resources at the end.

Motivation Monday: Evaluating 2017 and Setting New Goals for 2018

I know it's the end of January, and goals and resolutions and whatnot are typically a start of the year thing, but it's taken me a few weeks to figure out what I want my goals for this year to be. It took me nearly a month, but I'm definitely motivated now and know what I want.

But before I get to my goals for this year, I want to go over my goals from last year and see how I did. I surprised myself with how I completed some of them but definitely had a lot of work to do with most of them.

Evaluating 2017 Goals

I've color coded the goals I set by whether I accomplished them and/or by how much I did/didn't accomplish them.

Green means I successfully completed the goal!
Yellow means I somewhat completed the goal.
Red means I definitely did not complete the goal.


  • Get a job
This one's pretty simple. I don't have a job, so I didn't meet my goal. I do contribute to the popular gymnastics website, FloGymnastics, and get paid for it, but freelancing isn't what I was thinking of when I set this goal.