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Throwback Thursday: My Favorite Moments of 2017

Since it's Thursday, the start of the new year, and I'm not done blogging about 2017, I'm sharing my favorite moments/memories from 2017 in my first Throwback Thursday post.

I haven't done a reflection post about 2017 yet and am not sure if I will, but I'll say this. 2017 was definitely an interesting year for me. It had its ups and downs, and by ups and downs, I mean extreme ups and downs. Lots of exciting moments like graduating and traveling to new places and more difficult and upsetting moments than I would like, including two hospitalizations and being away from my sister for the first time in our lives. And while every year has its less-than-ideal moments, it's important to think past those, think about how you got through them, and cherish the best moments. Because how would I know how great these following moments would be without those low ones?

Meeting Olympic rhythmic gymnasts Jenny and Monica Rokhman

My sister, Ashley, Jenny, myself, and Monica

Last spring, my twin sister and I got to meet and interview a pair of fellow identical twins! What was even more exciting about the opportunity was that the twins we met and interviewed are U.S. Olympic rhythmic gymnasts Jenny and Monica Rokhman. (If you don't know by now, I'm a gymnastics fanatic and would love to meet any elite or high level gymnast.)

We were interviewing them for a feature we were including in the official yearbook of the University of Illinois. As it was the school year after an Olympic year, it was relevant to include, and when would I ever have the chance to put rhythmic gymnastics in the yearbook?

My Favorite Blog Posts of 2017

Happy new year! For the first post of 2018, I'm taking a look back at my favorite posts from 2017. Blog posts were not very abundant in the first half of 2017, but once I finished school, I had so much more time to blog. To read the original blog post, just click the blog post title in pink!

College Reflections from a Recent Illini Alumna

What kind of journalist, blogger, or writer would I be if I didn't reflect on my four years of college with a nice, long blog post? While I'm not sure I would call my four years at the University of Illinois the best four years of my life, I did very much enjoy my time there. From the people I met to the fun times I had to the many lessons (academic and otherwise) I learned, I couldn't help but reflect on it. Plus, it gave me a chance to post some of my favorite graduation photos!

Pretty Little Liars Fashion Favorites

While I've done a favorites series with a TV show before (I did a blog series about all of my favorite songs from Glee), I'd never done one about the fashion of a show. Pretty Little Liars finally came to an end last year, and in addition to the excessive drama and numerous reveals, it was known for styling its cast with some really awesome clothes. As a fashion lover who'd watched the series from start to finish, I thought it would be fun to go back at all the episodes and choose which outfits I liked best.

My December Favorites

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Happy New Year's Eve! To end 2017, I'm sharing my favorite things and places from December from food to clothes to music.


I visited my first Superdry store at the start of the month and was a fan of the store right away. Superdry is a British brand with some Japanese influence and inspiration. It has such a wide variety of clothes, from sweatshirts and activewear to sweaters to dresses and polos. However, its big category is jackets and outerwear. Its merchandise is on the pricier side, but based on the quality I saw and felt when I was in the store, it seems to be worth it.

In addition, Superdry has tons of accessories like hats and backpacks. I looked at their winter accessories, and many of them were lined with soft fleece, which is such a good idea. If you can afford it and are in need of some winter accessories to keep you warm and cozy this winter, I'd definitely consider a Superdry beanie or scarf.

Crop Cop Hoodie
The store had a sale when I was there, so I took advantage of it and bought myself this hoodie. It doesn't look like it based on the picture, but it is a cropped hoodie, so it doesn't go past my waist, which I actually like. Anyway, it's super soft and warm on the inside, and I love the bold colors and graphics. The drawstring is also great quality, as its much thicker than any other sweatshirt drawstring I've seen and has metal ends that are sure to keep it together.

Fashion Friday: My Favorite Outfits of 2017

Today's the last Friday of 2017, so I'm celebrating by sharing my favorite outfits I've worn this year for the final Fashion Friday post of the year!

January 3

I rarely choose outfits from winter as one of my favorites from the year because I don't like winter fashion as much as summer, spring, or fall. I just haven't figured out how to dress really cute in the winter while staying warm and wearing a big puffy jacket and/or I lose motivation to put together outfits when they're just going to be covered by a jacket.

I honestly don't remember anything about this day, but I'm guessing it wasn't that cold since that green jacket I'm holding is one of my lighter jackets. I love that floral bomber, and the jeans and ankle boots combo is classic. The black velvet choker also adds a nice touch of edginess to contrast with the floral pattern of the jacket and the baby pink shirt.

What I Got for Christmas 2017

I love Christmas, and presents are definitely a big part of why. However, I actually like giving gifts more than receiving them ― but I enjoy getting them, nonetheless!

This Christmas was much smaller for my family than last year's as no one came to our house to celebrate the holiday. Majority of the family members we usually spend Christmas with are in or going to the Philippines for the holidays, so it was just an immediate family occasion for me this year.

With the smaller celebration means less presents, and I'm honestly okay with that. I'm at that age where I don't really want things for Christmas anyway. (Seriously, though. What I actually wanted for Christmas was no student loan debt and a job.) So I didn't expect to get much this year but was pleasantly surprised with what I did get!

If you want to shop online for any of the items below, click the link in the caption or the heading!

Tweexy wearable nail polish holder

tweexy in Pink Frosting
My brother got me this nail polish holder, and although I haven't used it yet, I love it. I enjoy doing my nails and am pretty clumsy, so this is a perfect gift for me.

Snapshots of San Francisco

Near the start of the month, I went to California's Bay Area with my mom, aunt, uncle, and sister for my second cousin's wedding. On the other few days we were there, we did quite a bit of sightseeing and exploring. This is the second vacation I've been on since getting my new camera, so I'm pretty pleased with the photos I was able to take and am sharing some of my favorites below.

Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39

Alcatraz as seen from Fisherman's Wharf