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My September Favorites

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For some reason, I'm not sure why I didn't have as many favorite things for September as the other months I've done these kinds of posts. That's probably why it's taken me nearly half of October to figure out what to include in this post. Perhaps it's because I've been listening to the same 20 songs for the past three months and I've slowed down on reading. However, there were a few things (and one big thing that relates to others) I loved this past month.

Too Good at Goodbyes - Sam Smith

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle game

Ever since I found out the sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service would be released September 22, it was one of the main things I was looking forward to after summer ended. Sometime in September, I found out there'd be a mobile game for the movie. Since I'm no longer in school and don't have a job, I have a lot of free time, and I love Kingsman, so I downloaded it.

The game isn't hard to play (it's just a color-matching game) and lets me pretend I'm an awesome super spy. With story mode, tag team, event, and player vs. player play, there are a lot of options within the game. Although each option still uses the same color-matching game, it's still fun. If you like the Kingsman franchise and enjoy games, I'd give it a try!

You can download it on the App Store and/or Google Play.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

First, if you haven't seen the first Kingsman film, I suggest you watch it (unless you don't like action movies, are too young, and/or really don't want to watch a violent movie). It's awesome. Second, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, watch the trailer below.

I ended up watching The Golden Circle twice in September because yes, I liked it that much. (To be honest, it was actually because I saw it without my brother the first time, but I wouldn't have gone again if I didn't like it.) While I wouldn't necessarily say The Golden Circle was better than The Secret Service, it did not disappoint. It made me laugh a lot, and it made me want to cry, too.

The action scenes are just as good as those in the first one, and there are a lot more great emotional scenes in this sequel. Plus, there are some more smaller conflicts with Eggsy, the main character played by Taron Egerton (aka my fave), that are explored.

Last, but certainly not least, the cast is just superb. I do wish Channing Tatum had a bigger role in the movie, (darn schedule conflicts!) but Pedro Pascal, Halle Berry, and Jeff Bridges were great to watch. And to end: Elton John is in it and is freaking awesome.

Mr. Porter x Kingsman Adidas Superstar low-tops

In case you couldn't already tell, I've recently become obsessed with Kingsman. Sometime earlier this year ― probably late spring ― I found a picture of the Adidas Superstars that would be part of the Mr. Porter x Kingsman collaboration for The Golden Circle. The picture was of the high-top Superstars but it also said low-top ones would be available.
Superstars have been really big and trendy lately, but I hadn't hopped on that train because I didn't care for them that much. They do look cool and go with many clothes but I was content with the sneakers I had. But when I saw these Mr. Porter x Kingsman ones, I thought they were cooler than the black and white ones everyone else had. Plus, the Kingsman ones have pink on them, and pink is my favorite color. Like normal Adidas Superstars, these weren't cheap, but considering only 500 pairs were made, it was worth the splurge.

BP by Nordstrom lace-up heeled sandals

During the trip to Nordstrom Rack that I got these shoes, I was originally looking for some cutout ankle boots, maybe peeptoe ones. These aren't quite cutout ankle boots but could serve the purpose, especially since they were only $18! I love the lace-up design and the nice neutral color. These will be great summer-to-fall transition shoes.

So far, I've only worn them a few times, but I love them. They are comfortable to walk in and can be dressed up or down. 

Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick

I remember seeing this lipstick in a BuzzFeed post or some other listicle about good, long-lasting lipsticks but never really saw it in stores until a few weeks ago. Wet n Wild is known to be pretty cheap, so when I heard good things about this cheap, lasting, cruelty-free liquid lipstick, I had to try it for myself.

I got this in the shade Give Me Mocha because I don't have any lipstick in any similar shades and thought it would be good for fall. I've only worn it twice so far but am pretty pleased! It does last. I drink a lot of water, and it does not come off from that. It didn't really come off while I was eating either, which is really the true test. However, it would get a little crumbly, dry, and heavy at times. I did moisturize before putting it on because I know matte and liquid lipsticks can be drying, but it didn't always work. Though I must admit I wore it on some really hot and humid days, which was probably a contributing factor.

The good thing is that when it would get crumbly and a little heavy/cakey (which usually happened after touching it up because my lips were getting dry or I ate something relatively greasy), I could easily remove it and then reapply it. Once I reapplied it, it was good to go and stayed on. It no longer felt heavy and stayed that way till the end of the day.

I'm no beauty expert and hardly know anything about makeup to be quite honest, but I really like this lipstick. It's definitely worth the buy!

Chocolatey Peanut Affy Tapples

Sometime last month I remember going to the grocery store and seeing caramel apples with peanuts and chocolate chips and instantly wanted them. At the time, it didn't quite feel like fall yet, but the store was full of autumn inspired food. Plus, I've grown to love caramel apples over the past few years.

I remember eating Affy Tapples quite often every fall when I was in elementary school as my mom would bring them home. Then I stopped eating them for a good while because no one ever brought them home or got them at the store anymore. Suddenly, sometime while I was still in college, I got into the habit of dipping my apples in caramel. I eventually started adding chocolate chips to the mix as well. Now apples with caramel and chocolate are my favorite way to eat the fruit.

What did you discover (or rediscover) and love in September?

Fashion Friday: OOTD: Sayonara, September

September is usually thought to be the unofficial start to fall. Time to break out the sweaters, boots, and scarves and to consume pumpkin spice everything. However, that was not the case this year as can be witnessed in my outfits from September.

I was a little disappointed by the mild month because I was ready to at least wear pants. So I did my best to bring in some fall hues into my outfits that were more appropriate for the more summer-like weather.

September 2, 2017

Wet Seal paisley dress | Nordstrom purse | Mad Love sandals from Target

September 4, 2017

Chambray off-the-shoulder dress (tied into a shirt) from Neiman Marcus | Indigo Rein jeans from TJ Maxx | Kate Spade purse | DV by Dolce Vita sandals from Target

September 10, 2017

Top from TJ Maxx | Mimi Chica skirt from Marshalls | BP by Nordstrom sandals from Nordstrom Rack | Purse from Francesca's

September 16, 2017

Forever 21 floral top | Francesca's bralette | Aeropostale shorts | Mad Love sandals from Target | Nordstrom purse

September 23, 2017

American Eagle top | Forever 21 button front skirt | Kate Spade skirt | American Eagle sandals 

September 28, 2017

Hind baseball cap | Under Armour tank top | Spalding capri tights | Adidas PureBoost X 

How did you bring fall into your outfits during the mild September?

National Suicide Prevention Week 2017: What I Was Made For

This past Sunday was World Suicide Prevention Day and marked the start of National Suicide Prevention Week. September is National Suicide Prevention Month. This year, mental health non-profit To Write Love on Her Arms created its annual NSPD campaign: "Stay. Find what you were made for."

I am choosing to stay, and this is what I was made for.

I was made for ...

being a twin, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, and friend

Having relationships, especially familial ones, is unavoidable in life. Unless you live in isolation from the rest of the world, you're pretty much going to have relationships with other people. So it's important to maintain good relationships with those in your life and to do your best at being in those roles.

I very much believe I was meant to be an identical twin. My twin sister is such a huge and vital part of my life. I couldn't imagine it without her.

Being a daughter and sister are roles I've always had. As the youngest of three children, I never knew what it was like to be an only child. My family spends a lot of time together (or at least I feel like we do), so being there and just spending time with my parents, brother, and sister are important to me.

I'm not actually an aunt in the traditional sense since neither of my siblings have children, but several of my cousins do, so I'm an aunt to them. Over the past few years, I've become closer to my nieces and have become one of those aunts who spoils their nieces. I love buying things for people, so I definitely feel like I was made to be the aunt who spoils her nieces and nephews.

Two of my mom's sisters, whom she's closest to out of her many siblings, don't have kids. Because my mom is very close with these two sisters, I often feel like a daughter to them, too, even though I'm only their niece. So I cherish the role of niece very much since they are like second mothers to me.

being an Illini

I could go on and on about going to the University of Illinois, but I feel like I already did that in my sappy post-graduation blog post. So read this blog post from May if you want to know why I was meant to be an Illini.

God's glory

I've been going to church for my entire life. I go every weekend (for the most part. Life gets in the way sometimes.), and I've been taught to do everything for His glory. Without Him, I would not be who or where I am. 

wearing pink

Anyone who knows me knows I love the color pink. I wear it every day. Pink is seen as a girly color, but I feel it's a very versatile color that can represent different things depending on the shade. As someone who doesn't necessarily have a set style I adhere to when it comes to clothes, I feel pink very much describes me.

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sharing stories, capturing moments, and reading lots of books

Writing, photography, and reading: three activities I enjoy doing. I've always enjoyed reading and writing. English/language arts was always one of my favorite (if not my favorite) subjects as a kid. Also, as an introvert and rather shy person at times, I definitely prefer writing to speaking. So I definitely know I was made to write. Reading just goes along with that. Reading improves your writing, and I just love to read books.
Photography wasn't something that I was into until later on in my education. I always thought taking and looking at pictures was cool, but there's a difference between photography and just liking pictures. I love being able to capture memories and moments, communicating an emotion or message visually based on lighting and composition, simply taking a snapshot of something so you can remember it forever.

loving gymnastics

Gymnastics was just one of the few sports I wanted to do when I was younger but never got to do. But I know I was meant to love it. I've developed a passion for it unlike any other interest I've had, so that's got to mean something. I say this a lot and have mentioned it in multiple blog posts, but it really has meant so much to me and impacted my life a lot in the past few years. So instead of rambling on about gymnastics forever, here are some old blog posts where I demonstrate and explain my love for the sport:

watching dance and action sports

Dance is another activity I wanted to do when I was younger, albeit briefly. I don't like to be the center of attention or have much attention on me at all, so being a dancer was a little scary for me. Also, I'd totally get stage fright before a dance performance since I get super nervous before I have to do a speech or presentation. Fortunately, I can still appreciate dance by watching it, whether that be on TV, an actual performance, or online.

Action sports, however, were not on my list of things I wanted to do as a kid. I was totally fine just playing Tony Hawk video games on my brother's PlayStation or PlayStation 2. But action sports, like dance and gymnastics, are underrated in terms of sports and athletic activities. They're the kinds of things people see and think are cool, but that's about it. As someone who was never the superstar in sports or smartest kid in class, I appreciate the underrated. I appreciate the underdogs.

being a yerd (aka yearbook nerd)

The first time I did yearbook was in middle school. It was an after-school club, and I remember voting for the cover of my sixth-grade yearbook at the first meeting. I only went to one or two more meetings after that because volleyball took up my time. Considering middle school yearbook staff members don't really do much (at least at my middle school), I'm not too upset about not staying in yearbook then.

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Fast forward a few years, and being in yearbook was so important to me. I would not be the same person I am today without it. The combination of writing, design, and photography in more of a fun magazine style (as opposed to a newspaper) is perfect for me. I've always enjoyed writing. I've been playing around and experimenting with graphic design on Photoshop since middle school. I've grown to really enjoy photography and see it as more than just taking pictures in the past few years. So what could be better? The attention to detail, combination of media, and creativity involved in yearbook lets me know I was made to be a yerd.

being a fan(girl)

For as long as I can remember, there's been a celebrity, athlete, sport, movie, etc. I've been pretty much obsessed with. 

First it was Hilary Duff. I didn't have cable channels in elementary and middle school, so I didn't get to watch Lizzie McGuire as much as my classmates, but I still watched as much of it as I could. I got all the DVDs I could find. My sister and I got all of her CDs. We even had a gigantic poster of her hanging above our bed at one point.

The next big one was definitely High School Musical, which I totally still love today (no shame). Like I just said, I didn't have cable in elementary school, so when everyone at lunch would talk about it in fifth grade, I definitely felt left out and had no clue what they were talking about. Eventually I watched it and became legit obsessed with it. I own all three movies (two copies each of the first two because I needed the special edition ones that came out later!), four CDs (three soundtracks and a remix CD), did a seventh grade language arts project on Zanessa (forever sad about their breakup), and even had HSM waffles (I still have the box under my bed).

In seventh grade came my love for my favorite skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, leading me to watch action sports of all kinds. I even have old JC Penney circulars that have him in it from his old clothing line.

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Five years later I fell in love with gymnastics. And I won't go on about that for the millionth time. And now that's pretty stable. I still love Ryan Sheckler, and I've recently started to become obsessed with Taron Egerton (watch Kingsman: The Golden Circle on September 22!), but it appears my love for gymnastics beats all the others. After all, I aspire to be a gymnastics writer/reporter, so I don't see my passion for the sport leaving anytime soon.

I don't know what it is about all of the things listed above but I can't help but realize that I love to show my support for the people and things I love. Maybe it's because I've struggled with making friends and these obsessions help me make friends. Whatever it is, it was meant to be, even if I was sometimes annoying by not talking about anything else.

"Stay. Find what you were made for."

During this National Suicide Prevention Week and National Suicide Prevention Month, choose to stay, because you were made for something. Whether you know what that is or you're still looking for it, there is a reason you are still here.

Fashion Friday: OOTD: Already Past August

August is a month that always seems to fly by, especially as it's considered the last month of summer, the last few weeks before everyone heads back to school. Even though I'm not going to school anymore, it flew by just as quickly as it would as if I were still in school.

August brought some good adventures to end my summer, including a big birthday party, a few hours showing my best friend around my hometown, and another trip to New York!

August 5, 2017

Zara graphic tee | BDG high-waisted shorts from Urban Outfitters | Mad Love sandals from Target | Purse from Nordstrom
I wore two outfits this day because my mom and I went out in the morning/early afternoon before going to a family friend's big birthday party at Maggiano's. I got the "Stand up for love" shirt from Zara near the start of the summer but never got around to wearing it until about a month and a half later. I really like the font and the saying (love is the best!), and the pink and red work well together without making it look like Valentine's Day. I accidentally dried this shirt when I washed it, so I hope I didn't shrink it.

Leilani Jewelry necklace | LUSH maxi dress from Dry Goods | Unisa wedges from JC Penney
If you saw my August favorites post, you've already seen this pink maxi dress that I wore. I just love it so much and wish I had more occasions to wear it.

August 6, 2016

Elodie top from Marshalls | Banana Republic shorts | DV by Dolce Vita sandals from Target | Forever 21 purse
It was surprisingly quite difficult for me to find a top to go with these blue shorts. They're really cute, but they just don't go with a lot of my clothes. (This is what happens when my mom says I should buy things.) I like the normal blue color but wish they were navy instead just so they'd go with more of my clothes. Perhaps as I get older, they'll work with my wardrobe more since they are more "mature" shorts.

August 8, 2017

Kendra Scott drusy necklace | Floral off-the-shoulder top from TJ Maxx | Forever 21 shorts 
This is definitely one of my favorite outfits from this summer. The color scheme is quite simple and can work for multiple seasons. I put together this outfit rather easily since the pink shorts matched well with the off-the-shoulder top yet it looks super cute. You don't always have to put so much effort into an outfit to look cute!

August 12, 2017

Forever 21 earrings | Ci Sono chambray off-the-shoulder dress from Marshalls 
My mom dragged me to her friend's birthday party this day, so I figured I should dress up a little. I wish I had a gold choker to go with this dress because the outfit's pretty plain, but at least my dangly pink earrings make up for it.

This was actually my first time wearing those earrings even though I've had them since high school. I could never find the right outfit to wear them with. It turns out light chambray goes great with neon pink, light pink, and gold! It adds a nice pop of color and shine.

August 13, 2017

Ambiance Apparel floral peplum top from A'GACI | Banana Republic shorts 
Unlike my other Banana Republic shorts, I knew exactly which top would go with these shorts. This is such a fun summer outfit that's a little fancier than normal but not over the top or anything!

August 19, 2017

USA Gymnastics tank top from Under Armour | Hollister shorts
I had to get an MRI this day, so I did my best to wear comfy clothes that had no metal whatsoever. I did a good job because I was able to just wear this while getting the MRI and didn't have to wear a gown!

My sister got me this USA Gymnastics shirt from the Under Armour store in SoHo. Since USA Gymnastics was having its big meet that weekend, I decided to wear it. Plus, it's a comfy shirt with no metal, making it perfect to wear the day of an MRI.

August 20, 2017

Tank top from Nordstrom Rack | Derek Heart floral skirt from Wet Seal | American Eagle sandals 
I haven't worn this skirt that much, so I wanted to pull it out of my closet at least once this summer. It's super soft, and even though it's a bodycon skirt, it didn't feel tight or confining at all. I love that my tank top and crossbody bag pair really well with the coral and pink colors from my skirt to pull it all together.

August 25, 2017

Kendra Scott drusy necklace | Forever 21 dress | Forever 21 plaid flannel | Mad Love sandals from Target | Kate Spade purse
This was my first day in New York this August. Yes, I wore a dress to the airport and on the plane. It was actually really comfy, so if you have comfy casual dresses, consider wearing them next time you fly (weather permitting, of course!). I added the flannel around my waist to add some flair to the outfit. It also provided another layer if I got cold on the plane.

Plus, I went to see a Broadway show that night, so I wanted to wear a cute outfit without changing from what I wore on the plane.

August 26, 2017

Sienna Sky top from TJ Maxx | Express sunglasses | Kate Spade purse | H&M shorts | American Eagle sandals
Here's another top I got from the start of summer but never got around to wearing until August. Honestly, I think I just forgot about it. At first, I thought the thin halter straps plus the off-the-shoulder style would look weird, but it's actually pretty cute! Plus, it keeps the top from sliding down your shoulders or back.

I adore the light colors and florals of the top. It just seems very summery and refreshing, which is perfect for a warm summer day. Also, I went to SoHo this day, so I'm glad I decided to wear this cute and trendy outfit on our shopping day.

August 27, 2017

Forever 21 dress | Kate Spade purse | classic white Converse
This was my last day in New York as we were flying back to Illinois that night. Once again, I wore a dress to the airport and on a flight. It was comfy and saved space in my suitcase since I didn't have to pack multiple tops and bottoms. 

I got tired of wearing sandals, so I switched to my Converse for this final day even though I knew they'd be a bit difficult to take off at the airport. But my feet just needed a break from flat sandals after the miles of walking we did. (It doesn't help that I have pretty flat feet.) Luckily, I had TSA Pre-check and didn't have to remove my shoes!

August 29, 2017

Broadway Dance Center t-shirt | Forever 21 high-waisted shorts | Wet Seal slides | Aeropostale purse
I just really wanted to wear my new Broadway Dance Center shirt my sister got me, and I didn't think we were going to do much that day. I still wanted to be trendy with my outfit (and wear pink), though, so I paired the graphic tee with high-waisted pink shorts and floral slides.

What outfits did you like from August? What clothes and styles did you pull from your closet during this last month of summer?

2017 Labor Day Weekend Shopping Haul

It seriously isn't a holiday weekend in my family if my mom doesn't go shopping at the mall. This year for Labor Day, my mom was off for five days straight, which meant there'd be a lot of time for shopping. I've been trying to save my money and stop spending so much lately since I don't have a job or any consistent income coming in like I did when I was in school, but I just couldn't pass up some of the stuff I saw this weekend. Plus, I got to go to a mall I haven't been to in years that had such good deals! But I'm definitely committing to saving my money from here on out until it's time for Christmas shopping.

Forever 21

Care Bear Cropped Graphic Tee
I loved Care Bears as a kid, and I actually still do, so when I saw this graphic crop top, I just had to have it! It reminds me of my childhood (especially because I have Cheer Bear, the pink one on the left), and I really like the light, soft colors. This will serve me well when I just want to throw jeans and a shirt on. Plus, I love crop tops. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Cropped Graphic Tee
Shortly after I found the Care Bears top, my sister showed me another graphic crop top that reminds me of my childhood. I wasn't even born yet when the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie came out, but my brother watched it and had the movie on VHS, which I eventually ended up watching several times throughout my childhood. I also watched newer Power Rangers seasons once I was old enough to actually comprehend what was on TV. 

The vibrant colors of the Power Rangers and the logo really pop against the pink and white tie-dye. I've always been a fan of the pink ranger, Kimberly, so I love that she's in the middle of the shirt. I even have a pink Might Morphin Power Ranger bear named Kimberly!

Lace-Insert Crepe Top
After finding two graphic tees, I knew if I were to buy anything else from Forever, it probably shouldn't be a graphic crop top. As someone who's currently looking for a job, I'm trying to buy clothes that I could wear to work if I had a job since most of the time, I'll need to wear work clothes, not just any clothes.

I love everything about this top. The bright fuschia is such a fun color, and the lace and ruffles on the sleeves add some feminine flair. I didn't take a photo of the back, but there are some gold buttons in the back as well that are super cute as well. And while this shirt could be worn for business casual, I would also just wear it on an everyday basis as well. 

Polka Dot Shirt
This is another shirt that I intend to use for business casual purposes. The dusty pink color is perfect for fall, and polka dots are just classic. I like the boxier, looser fit to this because it pairs with skinny jeans and leggings better. Similar to the previous shirt, I would also wear this casually as well, and it's nice when you can wear your clothes for more than one occasion to get the most out of them.

Altar'd State

Since I've been a student for nearly all of my life, I'm accustomed to using a planner to organize my life and what I need to do. For the first time in over 15 years, I'm not in school, so I don't have a big need for a planner. But I love planners, so I got a new one anyway! What I like about this one is that in addition to the normal monthly and weekly pages, it has Bible verses at the start of each month, notes pages for each month, and a little goals page to begin every month. It's a nice personal touch that gives me a reason to use my planner while I'm still searching for a job and just have some appointments and events in it.

For some reason, I don't have any clear/plain earrings that could go with anything except for my pearl earrings. There are times when I want to wear earrings but don't have any I want to wear with my outfit because the pearls just don't seem right. So when I found these for only $5, I thought it'd be a good idea to get them.

I like that they aren't normal stud earrings and have little gems around the big stud to add a little more shine. They're not too big or too small either, so the combo of the little studs around the big one is nice. 


Ethika Rose Clay Sports Bra
I've known about the underwear brand Ethika since I was in middle school because of professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, who is one of Ethika's sponsored athletes. But Ethika didn't start making stuff for women until a few years ago, so I was excited when they did. Ethika had always had a good reputation, and I'd always heard good things about their products, so I've wanted to try them for a while but never felt like buying its stuff online. 

Luckily, Ethika now sells some of their stuff in Tilly's stores, so I finally got the chance to buy some for myself! I think all girls and women can agree that sports bras are comfier than normal ones, so I wasn't really hesitant to buy a sports bra. Plus, I have quite a few tops this could go with.

Ethika Rose Clay Staple Boyshorts

While Ethika mainly makes undergarments, I've definitely seen women wear its signature Staple like it's a compression short or pair of spandex shorts. That's what I plan to do with these, especially because it's a good color to go under some of my dresses and skirts.


For some reason, I don't have a lot of workout tops that have sleeves, so I've been looking for some. The problem is that I often find ones but they're just plain, which I don't really want. I found this striped one at the Nike clearance store and liked it right away. It's not plain, but the pattern isn't overwhelming. It also has a good fit and doesn't conform to your body like some workout shirts do. 

If you've read my blog before or seen my bio on any website, you'll know I didn't go to LSU. I went to the University of Illinois. So why did I buy an LSU tank top and quarter-zip pullover? Because I'm an LSU gymnastics fan, and these were marked down so much that I could not resist.

The only LSU shirt I had before buying the tank was a long sleeve, which meant I could only support LSU when it was reasonable to wear a long sleeve shirt. So I got the tank top with the cool graphics on the front and back.

This quarter-zip is actually a little snug on me since it's an XS instead of a small, but with the discount I was getting on it, I could definitely deal with it. Plus, since it's made of spandex, it's stretches.

I already had a long sleeve top to support LSU, but this quarter-zip was just too cool to pass up. Plus, I can wear it while exercising, which is a plus. But my favorite thing about it has to be the thumbholes in the sleeves. I love those!

I'm not sure how or why, but I didn't own a plain black pair of shorts to exercise in (except for spandex/compression shorts). That's a key piece of athletic wear, so I did not pass up the opportunity to get some for less than $15. Plus, I needed shorts to go with the LSU tank.

How did you spend your Labor Day weekend? If you shopped, what deals did you score?

My August Favorites

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Happy September, everyone! It still feels a bit odd for it to be September already since this is the first time in about 17 years that I won't be going to school this month.

And since it's a new month, it's time to share my August favorites! August turned out to be a rather interesting month compared to the rest of my summer, mainly because I didn't read that much but discovered and started using/doing a few new things. Here are my August favorites:

Hot pink LUSH high low dress from Dry Goods

I wore this dress to a family friend's birthday party. It was s big celebration at the Maggiano's ballroom, so it was an occasion to dress up for.

I love pretty much everything about this dress: the color, the style and fit, and even the price! This was on sale for $12 at Dry Goods, so there was no way I could pass that up. I don't have any dresses like this, so I thought it would be a good addition to my closet. It's also one of the only maxi-esque dresses I've found and can actually wear without worrying I'll trip over it.

Live Original Devotional by Sadie Robertson

I've had this devotional book for several months now, but I didn't think I had the time to use it on a regular basis during the school year. So I didn't even think about starting to use it till this summer. One of my friends asked me about devotionals, so I was inspired to finally start using this.

I really like that it has 52 different devotionals, one for each week. It makes for a good first devotional because I can just do it once a week. I've done some devotionals on apps before but I like the ones in this book more because it's easier for me to connect and engage with the book. The book has questions and lines for me to write my answers down while the apps I've used don't have anything like that. The fact there's an actual activity I'm supposed to do with the devotional reading just makes it easier for me to remember it and makes me feel like I'm growing more in my faith.