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Fashion Friday: $100 Tillys Shopping Haul

One great thing about social media, especially Instagram, is the abundance of contests. I was the winner of a contest at the end of February and won a $100 Tillys e-gift card just by commenting on an Instagram post! As a fashion lover and recent college graduate who's still looking for a job and paying student loans, I was ecstatic and took full advantage of the gift card.

I wanted to get the most out of this gift card and buy as much as I could, so I looked at all of the sale items first, and a ton of great items were on sale. After hours of browsing the Tillys site, I decided on seven clothing items to use all of my gift card on. (What a steal, right?)

Without realizing it until checkout, I bought clothes that went together to create three different outfits. I was so excited to get my clothes that I couldn't wait to go out and wear them to show them off. So I did a mini photoshoot to try on and style the clothes for this haul post and show how much $100 can really buy.

(I've linked everything I bought from Tillys in the photo captions and even indicated if what's on sale!)

Outfit 1

This first outfit is definitely a fall outfit, but there is no way I'm waiting for August or September to wear it. It's just too cute to wait to wear. I wish it were warm enough in Chicago to wear now because I want to wear it so badly. I absolutely love the colors of this outfit since I'm a big fan of burgundy/maroon/deep dark reddish pinks. The different textures from the suede skirt and the ruffled bell sleeves play off each other quite nicely. The top can be tucked in or worn normally, and it looks cute both ways. I personally prefer it untucked.

Altar'd State choker | IVY & MAIN Off The Shoulder Womens Plaid Shirt | IVY & MAIN Suede Scallop Skirt (SALE) | Charlotte Russe ankle boots
This top was the first thing I added to my cart. Once I saw it, I knew I wanted it because I really liked it but didn't have anything like it. I don't own a lot of purple but really enjoy these deep, rich colors. I've seen a lot of off-the-shoulder tops with bell sleeves but never one like this. I like to think of this as a top as a modern, trendy Blair Waldorf because plaid is so Gossip Girl.

IVY & MAIN Off The Shoulder Womens Plaid Shirt (SALE) | IVY & MAIN Suede Scallop Skirt (SALE)

2018 Oscars Fashion Favorites

Chelsea Lauren/REX/Shutterstock
This past weekend was one of the biggest nights in Hollywood as the 90th Academy Awards (better known as the Oscars) took place. While the awards are all about the movies and everyone who helps make them, I most enjoy the fashion and red carpet looks from the show and its after parties.

While there were a lot of outfits I liked from the Oscars red carpet, I've highlighted my favorites from what I saw below. (I mean, is it possible to see absolutely every red carpet look?) And for the first time on this blog, I've also included men's fashion!

Hailee Steinfeld

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It's no secret that I love Hailee Steinfeld's style, especially her red carpet looks. I featured several of them in my style icon post featuring the singer/actress. This black lace layered dress is my latest favorite look of hers. I love how the black lace adds some edge to the feminine ensemble, full of lace and tulle. The black lace pops really well against the white tulle layers underneath, and the train is just stunning. What a statement maker this dress was at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party!

My February Favorites

Considering February is always the shortest month of the year, I'm not surprised I found it more difficult to think of things to include in this blog post. I'm also not surprised this is my shortest monthly favorites post yet because I didn't have as many days to see/find/try new things! However, I was excited for and really enjoyed all of my February favorites listed below.

Ugg Bailey II Velvet Ribbon boots

I actually got these in January but didn't wear them until February. I already own two other pairs of Ugg boots but those are from when I was in middle and high school. As a college graduate, it's safe to say I've worn those out. I also stopped wearing them ― not because I think they're ugly now or aren't trendy like it's 2000 ― because they just weren't me anymore.

But I still needed shoes that kept my feet warm for the rough and long Chicago winters. I didn't want to wear my black Sperry duck boots if it wasn't wet or snowy out. I didn't want to wear my tall, heavy Sorel boots if it wasn't freezing and super snowy. I just wanted my feet to be warm. These boots were the perfect solution for that.

I always wanted Uggs with the bows in the back but didn't want them to be too childish. I'm not a big fan of the classic tall Ugg boot anymore, so this is the perfect height. The chestnut color goes well with almost any outfit, and I love the velvet bows. They're cute and trendy but not childish like bows can be. Most importantly, they're really comfy, warm, and soft. Plus, Uggs are now waterproof, which is a big plus for me since all of my old Uggs weren't, and that didn't go well when it was cold and snowy.

Detailing My Favorites from Warby Parker's Epigraph Collection

All photos courtesy of Warby Parker
As someone who's worn glasses for nearly my entire life, I enjoy and appreciate looking at designs and styles of eyewear like it's shopping for clothes. Since a lot of frames can look similar, it's really the details that set them apart and help glasses wearers like me choose the perfect pair.

That's what I appreciate most in Warby Parker's Epigraph collection. In literary terms, an epigraph is simply an inscription at the start of the piece of work or each section that establishes its theme. For Warby Parker's newest collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses, its epigraph is the "subtle yet punchy metal design detail" that's present on each frame, tying the collection together. 

So to celebrate Warby Parker's new frames, I'm sharing my favorites from the Epigraph collection.


Hugo in Jet Black
The Hugo eyeglass is pretty simple in design, but I really like the round frames and how the frame curves at the top as well. If you're a fan of simplicity and style, the Hugo eyeglasses in Jet Black are a great fit. The design is timeless and black will never go out of style.

Fashion Friday: Style Icons: Lea Michele

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For the past few weeks, my sister and I have been rewatching the former Fox hit TV show Glee. In honor of that, I decided to feature its star, Lea Michele, in my latest Fashion Friday post as a style icon.

I definitely considered myself a Gleek, as it was my favorite show when I was in high school. I enjoyed so many of the songs it gave the world, and I really enjoyed rewatching it now that I've been to New York (where Rachel Berry, Lea's character, aspires to be) and now that I've watched a few musicals (they sang a lot of showtunes on the show). And while Rachel Berry's fashion sense wasn't my favorite in the show (especially the first few seasons), I adore a bunch of the outfits Lea has worn as herself.

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This jumpsuit just screams fresh and earthy elegant to me. White always gives me crisp, clean, and fresh vibes, and the lace is a pretty little detail. I didn't realize this before, but it's cool how the nude mesh at the top of the jumpsuit gives it a faux choker look. The shiny beading on the top is what gives me that earthy elegant feel and adds a nice amount of sparkle to the white jumpsuit. The metallic clutch also adds a nice shine factor.

My January Favorites

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January was a pretty chill month (literally and figuratively) as I spent most of it watching TV, reading, listening to music, eating, or job searching. That gave me a lot of time to find and try some new things that I really enjoyed, which I've listed below:

Supernova - Ansel Elgort

Actor and musician Ansel Elgort released his latest song last month, and it's so fun! It's definitely unlike anything I've heard before with the electronic beats and jazz flute combination. His voice sounds amazing and really stands out against the electronic-sounding music, creating a cool juxtaposition of sounds and vibes.