Fashion Friday: Final Back to School Shopping Haul

Back-to-school shopping has always been my favorite part of going back to school, whether it be school supply shopping or clothes shopping. As a senior in college with no plans of going to graduate school, this was my last year of back-to-school shopping!

I can hardly believe this is my last year of school, but I'm excited for it. I will miss the school supply shopping, though. I love school supplies and stationary. Thankfully, shopping for clothes is something I'll always need to do.

Lately, I've been into more solid and simple clothes and more neutral and softer colors, so a lot of my recent purchases are more on the plain and earthy-colored side. I've also been digging the lace-up trend, whether it be shirts, dresses, or shoes.

TJ Maxx

The skirt pictured above and the shirt pictured below are both originally from Hollister, and I got a great deal at TJ Maxx for both pieces as they were each $10 or less.

While I own a few floral skirts already, I especially liked the colors of the skirt. Plus, it's made of a smooth and thick neoprene-like material, which is new for my closet. Olive is a great color for fall and even spring, and button-up shirts are very versatile. I own a lot of light pink tops that would go great with the button up.

The shirt above is originally from American Eagle, and it was also a great deal for $10 or less. I do own quite a few light pink tops, but I don't own any with long sleeves or in the wrap style like this one.

Forever 21

These front button skirts have been in style for a little while now, and corduroy is making a comeback. I really like the look of this skirt, and I don't own any skirts like this in terms of fabric or color. Plus, since it's pretty simple, it can go with solid or printed tops. The color and fabric also make it a nice transition piece from summer to fall or even winter to spring.

Floral print dresses are definitely popular in my closet, so I really didn't need to get another one, but this is different from the ones I currently own. I don't have any green dresses, so this actually does add variety to my wardrobe. In addition, I don't have any floral print swing dresses. I also always want to wear my brown knee high boots with dresses in the fall, and I think this will go well with those.

When it comes to the long sleeve tops I own, many of them are partially sheer or see-through, so some sort of top underneath is a must. When it's colder out, I like to wear solid long sleeve shirts under those sheer tops, but it can be a bit difficult at times.

Plain long sleeves tend to be longer than the shirt I wear them under, and it looks bad when it shows at the bottom of my top, so I like to tuck them into my jeans/pants. But that can get bulky and difficult. Bodysuits solve that problem since they're meant to be worn under the bottoms you intend to wear. It's just a lot easier and less bulky than trying to tuck in a cotton shirt.

I only own two non-print black dresses, and everyone knows a good black dress is a great wardrobe staple. I currently own a solid high neck sleeveless swing dress and a lace bell sleeve dress; the former is much more casual and for warmer weather while the latter is dressier.

This lace-up 3/4 sleeve dress is somewhere in between the two. Depending on what I wear this with, I can dress it up or down as necessary.

And the lace-up trend continues. To be honest, I just wanted to get a white top to go with the corduroy front button skirt. But I didn't want it to be too plain or simple, so this did just that.

I don't really know why I wanted this dress so much, but I did. Like I said before, I've been drawn to solid and simpler pieces lately. This dress is pretty versatile and can be dressed up or down, which I think is always a good thing.

It's definitely a trendy piece. Light and soft pinks and mauves like this have been everywhere lately, and so has the ribbed style.


Basically I just wanted this dress because it reminded me of a dress Rowan Blanchard wore as Riley Matthews on Girl Meets World, and I really liked that outfit. Plus, I love the color, floral print, and the lace-up design on the front.

I'm just really into the lace-up trend, okay? Also, I love this color and wanted to get free shipping at H&M.

Victoria's Secret PINK

I don't own very many casual long sleeve shirts, which is a problem because I live in Illinois where we experience every season, and I've known I want more casual long sleeve shirts for a while now. It just took me a little while to find one I really liked. V-necks are my favorite, and I love the graphics printed on this.

Over the past few months or so, I noticed that I don't really own nice solid shirts. Like, a nice plain white tee is a must because it can go with so many things, but I don't have one. I know this shirt isn't white, but it didn't come in white, and it just looks so comfy. Plus, I wanted to spend enough to get the free bag below.

This is one of those free bags Victoria's Secret likes to give away when you spend a certain amount there, and it's actually really nice! Typically, those bags are just canvas totes, but this is made from a leather-like material (it's likely not actual leather) and a suede-like material (also likely not actual suede). The fringe details on the front are a nice touch, and the sides are made from the suede-like material, giving it some flair. It's a great bag for when you just want to throw stuff in and go or when you don't have that many classes for the day and don't want to use a backpack.


Burgundy/maroon/marsala is a perfect color for fall, and I could use some jeans in this color. So I got some. (They were also on sale, which was definitely a contributing factor.) I love Aeropostale's seriously stretchy denim because it is seriously stretchy and soft. 

Plus, being the gymnastics fanatic I am, I wanted to get a pair because Aly Raisman promotes them. I totally understand why she does. They're awesome pants. And they come in short, regular, and long!

What clothes and trends have you bought and been into for the new school year? What's your favorite part of going back to school?

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