Fashion Friday: Pretty Little Liars Fashion Favorites: Seasons 1 & 2

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In honor of Pretty Little Liars ending this upcoming Tuesday, I've decided to do a blog series about my favorite outfits and clothes from the seven-season show. PLL is known for having one of the best wardrobes on television, even leading to a fashion line at Aeropostale. Because I've been a fan of the show since it began and love fashion, I thought this fashion favorites series would be a great way to remember and celebrate the show.

I've split up the pieces and outfits by character because I thought that would be easiest. I'm not entirely surprised by which characters outfits I like most, but I am surprised I seem to like Aria Montgomery's wardrobe the most. Aria is the boldest character on the show, fashion-wise, so I was a bit shocked to see how much of her quirky and unique clothes I liked.

I didn't care much for season one's clothes, so this post combines seasons one and two.

Aria Montgomery

This ensemble is the only outfit I chose from season one. Pictured above is Aria's homecoming outfit, and it's no surprise she wore an edgy black dress. I love that it is equally grunge and glam. The chains on her shoulders, the mesh upper bodice, and shiny bodice balance well.

A denim jacket and floral dress definitely makes for one of Aria's more normal outfits, and it's definitely something I'd wear and have worn. The distressed denim sleeves add a little of the edgy style Aria has been known for, and it adds a nice contrasting touch to the otherwise typically feminine floral dress.

I just love this floral trench coat! Again, it's not much of a bold choice, especially for Aria, but it's super cute nonetheless. I didn't notice this when I was originally looking through all the episodes for outfits, but the choker adds a nice touch!

While the floral dress is pretty tame, the neon yellow belt and especially the neon yellow wedges really stand out, displaying Aria's unique style. The belt and shoes are such a nice pop of color.

Studs are definitely a staple in Aria's wardrobe, and I love the studs on the shoulders of this denim dress. It adds just a hint of edge to an otherwise plain dress.

Normally brown doesn't go with black and grey, especially if it's a brown leather skirt, but Aria can really pull it off! All of the clothes in this outfit have some sort of edginess to them, whether it be the skull print or leather material, but it's not overwhelming. The shirt and skirt create a nice silhouette, as well.

Hanna Marin

I love pink, and I feel like the characters on the show hardly wear the color, so this pink zipper dress was a pleasure to see. Honestly, now that I look at the dress more, it kind of reminds me of the dress Blossom of the Powerpuff Girls wears, but it's not bad. The zipper and black band add some contrast and edge to the dress, and the jacket is nice and simple.

The snakeskin print dress and leather jacket are edgier than what Hanna would normally wear in season two, but it's not too much. This outfit still felt very much like a Hanna outfit.

I love how simple yet chic this ensemble is. The colors are all simple, and everything is solid. Yet it all looks so cute together. This could be a great business casual outfit.

Spencer Hastings

Because this is from the fashion show episode, and Spencer is clearly walking on a runway, these aren't her clothes, but it's still one of my favorite looks Spencer's worn. It just screams chic summer getaway.

In the early seasons, Spencer's style was very much preppy, which definitely fit her character, but it was nice to see her step away from that sort of style that fit with her high standards, super smart and professional family and just dress like a normal high school student. The belted dress has great fall hues, and the oxford flats add a bit of that preppy touch Spencer's known for.

Mona Vanderwaal

My favorite part of this outfit is the top. I love the crocheted lace, peplum silhouette, and the metallic finish. The navy jeans and light brown booties finish the look very nicely and simply.

Kate Randall

While no one really liked Hanna's evil stepsister Kate, the dress she wore to the wedding rehearsal was cute and chic. I actually liked it much more than Hanna's belted gold bubble dress. The purple lace top bodice looks lovely and regal over the black. I love sweetheart and faux sweetheart necklines, so I'm a big fan of how the lace allows that to be visible.

What outfits and clothes from seasons one and two did you like best? Anyone really like a season one piece or outfit?

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