Pretty Little Liars Fashion Favorites: Seasons 3 & 4

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Seven years of the suspense and drama that is Pretty Little Liars finally comes to an end tonight. Continuing to celebrate and remember one of my favorite TV shows, here is the second installment of my PLL fashion favorites blog series, featuring outfits from seasons three and four

.Once again, Aria and Hanna came out on top, but I am rather surprised that I found three Emily outfits to put in this post. Coincidentally, they're all dresses.

Aria Montgomery

I love matching sets, and this one is no exception. The studs are a great touch to the black jacket and skirt (they'te on the waistband if you couldn't tell). I also like how Aria paired it with a patterned black and gold shirt for some contrast. Her pink backpack is also adorable.

The pink floral dress adds just the right touch of feminine flair and color to the otherwise edgy outfit. I love the black spike necklace. It's edgy but not too crazy like some accessories and pieces Aria's worn.

I forget if the dress actually has a collar or if that's a jeweled necklace, but either way, I love it and how it accentuates the outfit. The white jacket is a great layer over the pale blue dress and really brightens the whole ensemble. I don't care much for Aria's Kate Spade bag printed with chocolates, but I do love Kate Spade and chocolate, so maybe I have to reconsider.

This studded black fit and flare dress is actually a piece from the Aeropostale PLL collection. It's supposed to be something Aria would wear, and obviously she would! The black belt creates an ever more flared silhouette, which looks great, especially considering Aria's petite figure. The cheetah/leopard print tote adds a nice hint of sophistication and flair.

Hanna Marin

The colorblocking of this dress is super cute and playful, making it a great summer outfit. The straw tote also adds to that warm weather/summer vice, and the necklace adds just a hint of sparkle,

Considering the solid colors and simple silhouettes and cuts, this is such a simple outfit, but it's still super cute at the same time. The pink cropped pants add a pop of color, and the dangling earrings add some flair.

I love this outfit! Like I said before, I'm a sucker for matching sets, and the light teal blazer and purple studded bag create such a fun and spring-like color palette. This is definitely one of my favorite PLL outfits ever.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised to see Aria wearing this dress. It's a little early on in PLL for Hanna's edgier side to come out, but I see a bit of it here. Even though the collar has pearls, I think the collar, leather waistband, and black color create an equally edgy yet chic look.

I was really bummed I couldn't find a photo of this dress without credit on it, so this screencap will have to do. The printed skirt bodice of the dress is so pretty and unique. Also, green isn't a color many of the liars wear often (except maybe an olive or army green), and it looks beautiful here.

Here's another colorful and fun ensemble from Hanna. The pink blazer adds a great pop of color to the already colorful outfit, but it isn't overwhelming. Same goes for the beaded statement necklace. Hanna knows how to be colorful and chic without going overboard.

I don't care much for the boots paired with this outfit, but otherwise, I love it. The embellished collared top paired with the embellished skirt go so well together! If I didn't know better, I'd think they were meant to go together. (They weren't: the top is by Alice and Olivia, and the skirt is by Zara.)

Emily Fields

Almost every single time Emily wears a dress, she kills it. I love this chambray dress on her. It's got a great silhouette and shape, and the blue fabric gives off a summery vibe. The orange heels also add some color, and orange is the complementary color to blue, so they pair very well together.

There have been a lot of funerals on the show, which means a lot of black dresses, and sometimes they're not exactly funeral appropriate. This one, however, is, and it's so simple yet chic. The metallic chevron detailing really makes it stand out.

Season 4 promo
I love mesh and faux sweetheart necklines, so I love that part of the dress. The peplum at the waist is a fun touch, and the gold embellishment on it adds just the right amount of bling to pair with the metallic cap of her heels.

Spencer Hastings

The earthy fall tones on this dress are a great combo to the tribal-like print, and I love the studded collar. This is a great dress for early fall.

What outfits from seasons three and four did you like most?

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