Pretty Little Liars Fashion Favorites: Season 5

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Season five is where I really started to like the outfits and clothes. I feel like every character stepped up her fashion game from this point on. Also, Alison is finally in the show not always wearing that ruffled yellow top, and I adored her style from this season. It was so chic, but I feel it only lasted for season five. Then Alison started to dress more mature, sometimes looking older and like she was already a mom. With Alison being back, this is also the season Hanna's wardrobe starts to change, becoming more edgy to not be so much like Alison.

Anyway, here are my PLL fashion favorites from season five:

Aria Montgomery

These pieces in Aria's triple-print outfit are actually all from the Aeropostale x PLL collab. I love that they actually got the characters to wear these on the show. Not many people could pull off mixing two prints, let alone three, but Aria always knows how to be bold and get it right.

This embellished coral dress is just so cute, even if it's not typical Aria. It doesn't look like she wouldn't wear it, but it's not something you'd necessarily expect. I enjoy the black bangle that adds some of that Aria flair.

Envelope style skirts/skorts/shorts are so cute, and the lemon print contrasts well with the black top, as does the simple yellow beaded necklace. Great balance of color and texture all around.

I'm a sucker for lace/lace print and florals, and the black shows up very nicely on the baby blue dress. The skinny black belt adds a nice, sophisticated touch that also creates some shape.

Alison DiLaurentis

If you've ever watched PLL, you know the outfits they wear, especially to school, are so unrealistic, but I don't care, because Ali's outfit on her first day back at Rosewood High slays! I think we can all relate to wanting to look our best on the first day of school/work/anything, and Ali did just that in this purple ensemble. The booties are super cute and pair perfectly with the jacket. My favorite part is the bright pink purse, which adds a pop of color and also helps bring out the other colors of Ali's dress.

Ali knows how to kill the jacket and dress/skirt game. The cropped fit of her blazer and top go well with her miniskirt, and her printed skirt adds some flair to the otherwise plain outfit.

This is by far my favorite Ali outfit ever because I love everything about it and want to copy and paste it into my closet. I absolutely adore the pink blazer, and the studded cutout collared shirt is so stylish. Her black pants and purse keep it simple to balance out the bold tops, but the colorblocking/stripes of her shoes add a little something to make the bottom of the outfit fun, too. What a great business casual outfit. Great for more creative and less strict career areas, like media and fashion.

With this maxi dress and jacket combo, Ali showed she can pull off more relaxed styles while still looking stylish.The cropped jacket is a great contrast to the floral maxi dress, and the colors are perfect together.

While this is definitely an inappropriate funeral outfit (at least in the U.S. culture where black is the go-to funeral color) since it's not black or dark like the outfits of every other person in attendance, I can't deny how cute this Kate Spade dress is. This is actually my favorite Kate Spade print ever, so of course I love the dress. The skinny belt was the perfect accessory to create more of an A-line silhouette.

Hanna Marin

Hanna doesn't normally do midi-length dresses, but this one is awesome. I love that it isn't plain; it's actually sort of a soft galaxy print, which looks really cool.The belt is a great accessory to create a nice hourglass silhouette and shape.

Here we can see a bit of Hanna's new edgy style with the black top and boots, but the floral maxi skirt adds just a touch of feminine flair that Hanna's been known to have.

Here's another one of those envelope style skirts/skorts/shorts. It just creates a nice shape that looks cool and contrasts with the top of Hanna's white top.

Emily Fields

Emily's everyday outfits are typically so plain or similar to each other, it's always nice to see her in more formal occasions and change it up. I absolutely love this black romper. The embellished neckline adds the right amount of sparkle, making a necklace unnecessary when sporting this. Plus, I think rompers are super cute, and rompers definitely fit Emily's more sporty/casual style.

Emily's always been the athletic one of the group, which has been shown in her simpler, sportier, and more casual outfits. But dance is a sport (at least to me), and Emily excels at it: both in skill and style. She knows how to work a leotard and dance skirt!

This outfit originally includes a semi-formal vest, but I don't care much for it, though it fits Emily's style well. However, I do enjoy the outfit sans vest. The white button-up top has a bit of a relaxed fit, which makes it different (and more comfortable, to be honest), and it pairs perfectly with her white trim pants. Again, another great business casual outfit.

Spencer Hastings

I love that this ensemble shows how Spencer can be edgy but still remain true to her normal style at the same time. I have a black sweater just like that one, so of course I'm a fan, but what I love is the white shirt underneath paired with the plaid leggings and ankle boots. The white shirt underneath and plaid leggings add that Spencer flair to one of her edgier outfits.

Sydney Driscoll

While PLL fans don't care much for Sydney, (honestly, the series is over, and I'm still not sure why she was necessary) I love love love her winter formal dress. I knew before I even looked it up that it was a Sherri Hill dress, and I pretty much love every single piece of clothing Sherri Hill sells and designs.The jeweled bodice is beautiful, as is the color, and it's got such an elegant, flowy feel to it, making it perfect for the winter formal.

What were your fashion favorites from season five? How have you liked seeing the characters' style transitions?

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