Thanksgiving Break Shopping Haul 2016

Whenever I go home from school, I always look forward to shopping. Being away at school for most of the year and being busy with classes, yearbook, and clubs, I don't get the chance to actually go out and shop for clothes too often. So I always try to go when I'm at home.

And there may be no better time to shop than during Thanksgiving break. Unlike some college students, I get a whole week off for Thanksgiving break, so I get to take advantage of the pre-Thanksgiving and holiday sales in addition to the Black Friday steals.

Take a look at what I scored over the holiday week below!


Both Aeropostale locations I went to over Thanksgiving break had 70% everything in store! The first one was closing, so they had to sell everything while the other was just being redone so they wanted to get rid of everything. Aero often has great sales, especially when a store is closing, so I always try to take advantage of those.

What I really like about this ribbed top is the softer pink shade and the higher neckline. Those are pretty trendy right now. Plus, it's a versatile top because it's pretty simple.

I couldn't get the white balance right on this photo, so the sweater actually is a little warmer in tone and has a pink tint to it. Anyway, this is from Aeropostale's activewear line called Live Love Dream. This is an athleisure cardigan that's meant to be used whether you're throwing it on over a workout or if you're just going out somewhere casual.

I don't really have any sweaters, sweatshirts, etc. that act as athleisure ones where they work for both athletic and leisure purposes, so I was glad to find this. It's a little oversized, which I love, and it's super comfy. It also has pockets, which are always great to have!

These two fleece quarter-zip pullovers are my favorite Aero purchases from break. They're not from the Aeropostale brand but rather the Price & Fox brand that's sold in Aero stores. These quarter zips are super soft and are great for winter. They feel like blankets! Their soft texture and thick material make them great for the frigid winter Illinois days that are bound to arrive at any moment now.

Aero's "seriously stretchy" jeans are officially my favorite jeans now. They definitely live up to their name. Even though they're skinny jeans/jeggings, they don't feel skin tight on me like other skinny jeans and jeggings I've worn. They are very comfortable and don't feel like jeans at all.

My only complaint would be that there aren't actually front pockets, but that's alright. Most jean front pockets are too small for me to put my phone in anyway. On the plus side, two-time Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman wears and promotes them. And as a gymnastics fanatic, I love that.

Forever 21

Cardigans are a must for fall and winter, so I think it's good to have them in several colors. I don't currently own a cardigan in this shade of rustic pink mauve, so I couldn't pass up the $15 sweater! It goes with several clothing items in my closet, and I love cardigans with the big front pockets because I can put my phone in them.

As a lifetime Illinois resident, I know how cold it gets in winter. As someone who likes to put her hair up often, I can't always wear a hat to keep my ears warm. So I love headbands like these. I got a black one with a pretty beaded accent on the front last year, but I seem to have misplaced it (which I'm upset about because it was so pretty). so I had to replace it. 

These were only $4 each, so I decided to get a light pink one, too, because I own a lot of clothes that go better with the light pink than the black.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade is one of my favorite designer brands. This may be because of my mom's collection of Kate Spade purses, but either way, I could not pass up a cute $83 Kate Spade purse! I remember getting an email about what the outlet Black Friday deals would be, and when I saw that this purse was only $83, I knew I had to get it.

As I approach my college graduation, I have to start thinking about employment and being in the real world. Getting new purses is part of that because I need nice purses I can use when going on interviews and working. This is perfect for that!

Surprisingly, I don't have many hot pink/magenta/fuschia earrings. And because I love Kate Spade, pink, and glitter, buying these earrings was a no brainer! The best part is that they were less than $10!


For the most part, I like dark wash jeans, so I definitely like black jeans. Unfortunately, I don't have many of those. I also like to use black jeans as business casual attire since I don't feel the need to buy too many black dress pants. My only other pair of solid black jeans isn't that comfortable anymore, so I knew I should get more.

Indigo Rein jeans are probably my favorite brand of jeans to get from Marshalls/TJ Maxx. They're typically only $20 or less, so the price is great, and they're comfortable.

What are some of the best deals you got during Thanksgiving break/Black Friday?

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