2015 Holiday Wish List

It's finally the holiday season, and that means it's time to start thinking of what I want for Christmas. Usually, I have no specific thing in mind and just ask for money or gift cards so I can buy whatever clothes I want, which can make me difficult to shop for. This year is different. I actually do want specific things -- not that I don't want money or gift cards. For this list, I tried to include a variety of items and prices, which I would recommend doing if you make your own wish list to accommodate everyone. 

This can also serve as a gift guide if you think someone in your life has similar taste to me. To shop for the item online, click the item title or the photo.

Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella is a brand I featured on a past Fashion Friday, and even though I only own one shirt from there, I love it! They released a few new things for the holidays, and I look to add a few of those to my wardrobe. Besides, who doesn't want to help save the elephants?

Embroidered Electric Coral Hoodie
Ivory Ella recently released embroidered clothes, and I wanted them the instant I saw a picture. Comfy hoodies are a must for the winter, and I love the colors on this. The embroidered Ivory Ella logo on the front is super cute and is a nice little touch to the otherwise plain hoodie.

Image via Ivory Ella

Embroidered Electric Magenta Quarter Zip
This is another one of their new embroidered products. This is a fun quarter zip that could be worn while working out, going to class, or just chilling at home.

Image via Ivory Ella

Coral Ella Water Bottle
Even though I have plenty of reusable water bottles, I wouldn't mind having this one. It's not like other ones you see in stores. It's got a sleek design and look to it. Plus, as pictured, it's great for making your own fruit-infused water.

Image via Ivory Ella

Fujifilm Instax

Growing up, my aunt had a Polaroid camera that she often used to take photos at family parties and get-togethers, so I actually do have some old Polaroids and always thought the idea of instant prints was cool. Then digital cameras and cell phones took over. Around middle school and high school, I became more interested in photography and remembered those Polaroids and how cool I thought they were. A few years ago, instant prints came back in stores like Urban Outfitters and became popular again.

Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera (pink)
For someone who's into photography, I don't take that many pictures, not even when I'm just hanging out with my friends or family, which is weird because I always want more pictures with my friends. I enjoy printing out pictures and displaying them in my room, so hopefully, getting an Instax would help me do that! Also, I think college is a great place to have a instant print camera. There's so much to capture, and I don't really want to go to Walgreens to print photos.
Image via Amazon
Instax Mini Instant Film
You can't have the camera without film!
Image via Amazon

Victoria's Secret PINK

I always want something from PINK. After all, my favorite color is pink, and I love cute clothes that are comfortable enough to lounge around in when I'm not in the mood to put much effort into an outfit.

Varsity Crew in black orchid
Ever since I entered college in 2013, big varsity shirts/spirit jerseys like this have been in style. After buying, owning, and wearing several, I totally understand why. They're great for lazy Fridays or just any day you're looking to be super comfy. I love the color blocking on this, and the metallic graphics add a nice pop.

Image via VS PINK

Pink Ultimate High Neck Pullover in black orchid/neon pink
High neck sweatshirts are a recent trend, and I think it's perfect for winter. There's no need for a scarf when your hoodie does the job for you! The color blocking on this provides a nice contrast overall, and I am a big fan of sleeves with thumb holes! I hardly wear my sweatshirts with the sleeves at my wrist (unless I'm writing or something), so the thumb holes are a nice plus for me!

Image via VS PINK

Colorblock Baseball Tee in maroon/pink
This is a very simple tee, but I'm always saying that I need more long sleeve shirts. The maroon color of the bodice on the shirt is the color of the year, so why not rock it while it's still 2015? Although, I think the color is here to stay come 2016. This shirt could be dressed up a little with the addition of a statement necklace, distressed denim, and booties. Or it could be dressed down with leggings/jeans and a pair of sneakers, like white Converse. This is a versatile top and could also be worn throughout the year. It could go under a plaid flannel button up or you could wear it with the same flannel tied around your waist.

Image via VS PINK

Kate Spade

I may or may not have inherited a love for Kate Spade from my mom.

I saw this wallet on Pinterest and was in love with it. My favorite color is pink glitter, and I am in need of a new wallet, so this would be a great present!
Image via Amazon

Grant Street Floral Jules
When I first saw this pattern in a Kate Spade store, I instantly loved it! (I know I say I love this or that a lot, but that tends to happen when you love fashion and shopping.) Pink and floral prints are two big parts of my wardrobe, so this purse would be perfect for the spring and summer. As I get older, I'm leaning more towards bigger purses that are worn on one shoulder (rather than the crossbody bags I've gotten in the past), so I think this would be a good addition to my closet. Bigger purses like this also just seem more professional.
Image via Kate Spade

Mavis Street Neda in rose gold
This is also an acceptable wallet choice. It's similar to the other one. It's pink and glittery. It just has a different pink glitter covering the outside.
Image via Kate Spade

Stelli Dress
I saw this print in the window of a Kate Spade store at the mall several months ago and loved the green background with the more abstract and artsy flowers. I don't currently own anything like this (even though I have plenty of floral dresses), so this would also be a great addition to my closet. It's a fun dress that could be worn on an everyday basis or even for more professional or fancy occasions depending on how you accessorize. It would make a great Easter dress!
Image via Kate Spade

Cedar Street Hazy Floral Medium Harmony
The same goes for this purse as the other one, but this is more of a fall/winter purse. Although, I think it could work for any season. The black definitely gives it a more mature look, so it would be an excellent purse to use for business occasions. I'm going to be interviewing for job in a few years (scary thought!), and this would be a perfect purse to bring since most of my business clothes work well with this purse.
Image via Kate Spade

Cedar Street Small Hayden
Even though I said I'm moving toward bigger purses as I get older, I'm also moving toward smaller ones. Sometimes, there are formal occasions where you don't want a big purse, just a small crossbody or clutch. I'm not a big fan of clutches because I would easily lose those since there's no strap. So this small crossbody would work well for me. I'm a big fan of the colors, because those are the three colors I would probably need a small purse in. This one has all three, so I could pretty much wear it with most of the items in my closet. 
Image via Kate Spade

Eat Cake for Breakfast Insulated Tumbler
This isn't a "must-have," but I certainly wouldn't mind having it. Almost every time I go out somewhere, whether it be class, to the mall, to the post-office, or to a club meeting, I bring something to drink with me. On most occasions, a reusable water bottle works, but sometimes, I'll bring orange juice or iced tea with me. This tumbler would be nice to have for those. Plus, I totally want to eat cake for breakfast. Also, I think this would be a great gift for any teenage/young adult girl.

Image via Kate Spade

Once again, if you want to shop for any of these items, simply click on the item's name in pink, the link in the photo caption, or the photo itself!

What's on your holiday wish list? Do we have anything in common? Tell me what you want for the holidays and where you plan on doing your holiday shopping in the comments below. Perhaps we can help each other shop!

Happy holidays, everyone!

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