Fashion Friday: Style Icons: Aly Raisman

Ever since I started closely following gymnastics in 2012, Aly Raisman has consistently been one of my favorites. The three-time Olympic gold medalist is not only an awesome gymnast but has a great fashion sense as well. It's evident in her leotard collection with GK Elite.

Her talent and hard work for gymnastics paired with her fabulous style makes her one of my idols. And with the USA Gymnastics U.S. Classic happening this weekend, I thought it'd be an appropriate time to feature her as one of my style icons. Here are some of my favorite looks from Aly: (It was really hard not to pick 20 because I really love her style.)

Aly's ESPYS look from this year was just stunning! I love this black dress she wore. The top of the bodice is beautifully jeweled, and I like the asymmetry of it. In addition, the dress has layers and a side slit that lets Aly show a little leg, which goes along with the slanted jeweled top. The black choker and strappy heels keep the look simple while completing it at the same time.

There will be no Regina George hating someone's mom's vintage clothes with this dress! This was a great find from Aly's mom's closet. It's simple, classy, girly, and unique all at once. Black and white always pair well, and I love the contrast it creates here. The floral triangle at the front is such a unique design that I've never seen before, but it looks great and adds a little flair to the otherwise pencil straight shape.

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Classic colors strike again for Aly! This is what she wore to the NHL Awards, and I think it's a very fitting dress. I love the sequins everywhere. It adds a good amount of sparkle and shine, and since most of them are black, it's not overwhelming. The varsity stripes down the middle add a sporty vibe to the dress, which is perfect since this was for the NHL Awards!

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Despite the fact I can't see Aly's entire outfit here, I still love it. The colors are beautiful and light, which are great for summertime and Cali, which was the setting here. Once again, she keeps it simple with just a plain white top and mint maxi skirt, but it's a great pair. It's cute and casual but also fun and girly at the same time.

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Here's one of Aly's bolder and more urban looks. And even though I can't see what the bottom half of her outfit consists of, I don't really care because this part looks fabulous. I love the hot pink and black color combo. It creates a vibrant contrast that's great for nighttime. The mesh and lace crop top is super cute. I adore the scalloped pattern. It's a great top for a night out, which Aly was doing here.

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If you haven't noticed by now, Aly knows how to rock the red carpet. The color of her dress complements her skin tone really well and doesn't blend into the carpet. I love the off-the-shoulder look in addition to the V-shape at the top. The little train at the back is also really cute and elegant and just seems like a great fit for the Golden Globes.

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Black definitely seems like a go-to color for Aly, and I don't blame her! Black will never go out of style and is just a classic color that's so versatile. I love how Aly played with lengths with this outfit. The romper has half sleeves rather than a short or long sleeve and adds some coverage. Then the short romper is paired with thigh-high boots to make for a super cute combo. Thigh-high boots can be difficult to pull off, but Aly has got it down. I also love the mesh and floral appliques on her romper in addition to the little ruffles at the ends of the sleeves. It creates a good balance of edgy and girly.

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After seeing Aly in so many black outfits, this is refreshing! In fact, this outfit overall is just refreshing. That's the word that comes to mind when I see this ensemble. The color makes her skin look great, and the white just really pops! I love the little ruffles at the end of her sleeves, and the simple nude heels keep the attention on the dress. This is such a chic look. I love it! And I'm actually really glad there isn't a pop of color anywhere because I love the way this looks as is.

This is a different look than I'm used to seeing on Aly. Usually I'm used to seeing her look sporty in workout gear or a leotard or super stylish on the red carpet or for other events. At this event, she shows her New England roots. It gives off equestrian/preppy vibes, and it looks great on her. (She's from Boston, and one of her sisters rides horses, so I'm not surprised.) I love the cut and shape of the blazer. It doesn't make her look like a businesswoman at all, and it looks really good with the high-neck top she has on. Dark jeans and the dark burgundy thigh-high boots complete the equestrian-esque look but don't make it look too preppy. The pointy toe, height, and color of the boots go for a more stylish, chic look rather than an a equestrian vibe, so Aly balanced it all very well.

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This is definitely one of my favorite red-carpet looks Aly has ever worn. While most people would probably feel weird wearing a leotard in public, Aly's obviously very used to it. Honestly, I'm surprised she'd wear a leotard outside of gymnastics because all the gymnasts I know would avoid that at all costs.

Anyway, this dress is by Hayley Paige, and I love all of her designs. She mostly does wedding dresses, but who really cares if this doesn't look like a normal wedding dress or if Aly's on the Country Music Awards red carpet? I absolutely love the light pink color of this in addition to the sparkles strewn throughout the mesh overlay. It gives off princess vibes, and the leotard underneath makes it give off ballerina vibes. This is definitely a bold look in terms of conventionality, but Aly isn't afraid to take some fashion risks and certainly pulled this one off.

Which of Aly's looks did you like best?  And if you've seen the leotards she's designed, can you see her own style in them after looking at some of her out-of-gym looks?

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