Fashion Friday: OOTD: Mid-Summer Mix

I actually went out last month more than I thought I would, which was a pleasant surprise since I've always spent most of my summers at home everyday. July is definitely one of the hotter months of summer, and I had a mix of occasions to go out for last month, so I got to play around with my outfits and express different vibes depending on what I was doing that day. Here's my mid-summer mix of outfits from July:

July 1, 2017

BP by Nordstrom backpack | Striped embroidered floral tank from  BDG American Eagle | high-waisted shorts from Urban Outfitters | marble sunglasses from Express | Mad Love slip-on sandals from Target
The first of the month was a pretty jam-packed day. I had to get up and leave the house earlier than normal because my mom's plans began pretty early. After she was done with the class she had to take for work, we got to relax for the rest of the day and shop till we dropped. 

It was pretty hot and very sunny this day, and I knew we'd be shopping, walking around a lot, so I wanted to be comfy. I love the tank I wore because florals and stripes are a great combo, and I adore the embroidered flowers on it. I tied the tank at the front because that's how it was at the store when I saw it and thought it was super cute. Plus, it looks better that way. I also love those sandals because they're super comfy and cushiony, making them perfect even for days full of walking. 

July 8, 2017

Caution to the Wind choker cutout tee from TJ Maxx | BDG high-waisted shorts from Urban Outfitters | Mad Love sandals from Target | Steve Madden purse from Marshalls
I didn't really know what my family's plans were for this day other than my mom needing to go to the dentist. I didn't think we'd do too much ― which I was right about ― so I kept it pretty simple and casual.

I really like the choker cutout tee but wasn't sure what the best bottoms to wear it with were. I tried on a few and thought the shorts in the light wash went best. But then I didn't know if the shirt would look better tied at the front like the striped tank I wore on July 1. I guess I figured it looked better normal. I didn't really know what shoes I wanted to wear, so I just went with those sandals because they're comfy and don't not match. Also I didn't know what purse I wanted to use. I wasn't sure what color with go best with the shirt, since that's the focal point of the outfit. 

Overall, I'm not crazy about this outfit and probably won't wear this combo again. In fact, I don't think I can because I washed that shirt and it shrunk even though I didn't put it in the dryer. Weird. I'm not too upset about it, though, because it was only $8. And after wearing it once and struggling to find out what to wear and pair it with, I'm not too upset about it.

July 15, 2017

Zara baseball hat | Kendra Scott necklace | Forever 21 tank | H&M high-waisted shorts
I went to finally move out of my apartment at school on this day, so I just kept it plain and simple again. I knew I'd be moving a lot that day in terms of physical activity, so I'd be sweating and needed to move easily. So I opted for this comfy pink tank and stretchy black shorts. The shorts are made out of a good amount of spandex so they stretch and aren't confining like other ones can be. My hat says "THE FUTURE IS PINK," which I wanted to wear because I hadn't worn it yet since getting it.

July 17, 2017

Garage choker cutout dress | Express marble sunglasses | Steve Madden purse from Marshalls | white Converse
I did not expect to leave my house this day but for some reason my mom wanted me to come with her to Chicago for her doctor's appointments. So I did. I knew if I was coming with, we'd for sure go shopping downtown, and it wasn't me seeing the doctor, so I opted for this choker cutout dress. It was warm but not hot that day in the city, so wearing sleeves wasn't a problem. When I usually go downtown in the summer, I don't normally wear sandals because of the walking (even though I've now walked farther/more in sandals in the city). Plus, I thought my white Converse went really well with this dress. Overall, I really love this outfit because it's trendy and a little bit urban.

July 21, 2017

Urban Outfitters velvet choker | Sienna Sky floral jumpsuit from Marshalls | Mossimo sandals from Target | Steve Madden purse from Marshalls

I definitely didn't like wearing this jumpsuit all day. I went out starting around 10 or 11 AM this day because I had an eye doctor appointment, but since my family was going out for dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse later that night, my mom just wanted me to wear whatever I was going to wear for dinner all day.

It's not that this jumpsuit was a struggle to take off when trying on clothes or going to the bathroom later in the day when we went to the mall. It's that we went to an outdoor mall on a hot, sunny day, and I was wearing a black jumpsuit. I was sweating much more than I would've liked considering my outfit. Since it's a jumpsuit and not a romper, my legs were really hot. But it's fine. I survived.

Thankfully, I don't think the jumpsuit is too dressy but not too casual, so it worked for during the night and at dinner. The only thing I would've liked to change for the day to night transition is my shoes, but I didn't have nicer shoes to go with this other than heels. If I had some, I would've liked to wear some heeled sandals or like summer booties with the cutouts.

July 30, 2017

Forever 21 dress | Francesca's bag
I decided to wear this dress because we were going to church that day, and when we go to church on Sundays, I like to dress up, especially in the summertime. I didn't know we'd be going anywhere after, but we did. Luckily, this dress wasn't too fancy or anything, and I wore comfy sandals. 

When I go to church on Sundays (sometimes we go on Saturday evenings), we don't usually go anywhere after except maybe a restaurant to eat, so I don't like to bring big purses because I don't need to bring much. Although I do make sure to bring my card and money just in case we do. Thankfully, I can usually fit everything I need in a smaller purse. I just like bigger purses because I can fit a water bottle in them.

What have you worn to beat the summer heat? Which outfit(s) did you like best?

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