Pretty Little Liars Fashion Favorites: Season 7

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Two weeks have been since Pretty Little Liars has officially ended, and now it's time for the end of this PLL fashion favorites series. While I don't think the final season was the best in terms of fashion, it certainly delivered for Aria and Hanna, especially. I loved so many pieces and outfits they wore this past season. However, I didn't really care much for anyone else's wardrobe. And just as the series finale was jam-packed with information, it was also full of great outfits!

Aria Montgomery

Bomber jackets were really trendy during season seven, and I especially adore this one. The green and beige go well together and create a simple contrast, but my favorite part of the jacket has to be the desert cactus patch on Aria's left side. So cute!

This is such a pretty black lace romper. Now that I think about it, it's actually something I'd expect Emily to wear on a fancier occasion. I love how the waist uses a different lace to draw attention to the middle and create an hourglass illusion.

I love this pastel pink leather jacket! Such a fun color to have an edgy piece in. Aria's abstract striped crop top pairs with it very well.

This is a great outfit full of contrasts: black and white, light and dark, girly and edgy.

The zipper details on Aria's jacket sleeves are a fun touch to her jacket, and I love the bold tribal pattern of her skirt. Killing this simple, chic outfit.

What a fun and cute little dance class outfit!The ruffles on Aria's top are a nice little feminine touch to the sturdy denim-looking material, and her skirt is so fun with the print and colors. I watch a good amount of dance, so I'm pretty sure those aren't dance shoes (not that it really matters since they're just dance lessons for her and Ezra's wedding), but they're adorable nonetheless. They're the perfect color to pull out the flower designs on her skirt!

When I went back to the series finale and looked all the outfits, I realized this looks very similar to the dress she actually ends up wearing for her wedding. The mustard yellow is a good color on Aria, and the lace/ruffle/bell sleeve combo creates a pretty boho look for her wedding shower.

This is one of the most casual and simple outfits Aria wore outside in season seven, but it's still one of my favorites. You can't go wrong with a denim jacket, and it adds some texture to the outfit. I love the embellishments on the shorts, and the booties play it up a little.

Aria's fashion has almost never been conventional, and she didn't stop to make it so at her wedding. It's unique, but not ridiculous and over the top.The lace, ruffles, and bell sleeves (see, it is similar to the yellow dress!) give off a boho vibe, but the strappy heels jazz it up.

(Normally, I'd cut Ezra and anyone else out of the picture since this is about the outfits and clothes, but it'd look weird, and this screencap is just too cute!)

Hanna Marin

I would expect no less from adult fashionista Hanna. Classic black Louboutins and a sultry red dress pretty much screams Hanna to me, and she rocked this outfit.

This bomber jacket is super chic with the mauve color, satin look and texture, and ruching.

I'm surprised Hanna wore a sweatshirt and jeans to a meeting to outfit a legislator's daughter, but it's still a cute look. (I honestly didn't remember this outfit until I went back to this episode.) Hanna kept it trendy with the lace-up hoodie, and added some flair with the striped jeans.

I feel like people only really wear robes after waking up in movies and TV shows, but whatever. This one is so pretty with the scalloped hems and embroidery.

So there are screencaps of Hanna wearing this dress that she designed (it's actually a Sherri Hill dress ― I told you if it was Sherri Hill, I probably love it), but this screencap shows the dress better. The tulle skirt is classic, but the halter style top and floral embroidery with beading is the best part of this dress. It's so intricate and gorgeous. The design at the waist really pulls it together and creates that cute silhouette.

Such a simple outfit, yet so cute. Chic moto jacket? Check. Sleek skinny jeans? Check. Killer fringe boots to finish the look? Check.

Hanna liked leather and moto jackets more than I realized, but as I reached the end of the series, it was evident considering how many of these jackets I saw on Hanna. While the plum jacket is definitely cute, what I love about this outfit is the floral top. It's super trendy with the choker cutout, and the floral print and ruffles add some feminine flair.

I love crocheted lace, and to see it in a fun color combo like blue and black is so beautiful.

At first glance at this dress, I'd think it would be hard to pull off because the bell sleeves, pattern, and colors make it seem very 60s/70s, but Hanna rocks it. And she also doesn't look like she's dressed for a different century! This is such a fun dress.

Alison DiLaurentis

Ali is another PLL character who's a big fan of moto jackets. I particularly like this one because of the cutouts or whatever they are on the sleeves. It adds a fun touch to the solid jacket.

Another moto style jacket! I love the color of this one as it pairs with her light pink shirt well. This outfit makes me think of warm weather and springtime.

It was nice to see Ali show rock some edge and flair in the series finale. During Aria's wedding rehearsal, Ali wore this leather jacket/cape combo with a deep purple lace dress, and it just looks awesome. Ultimate edgy chic look. This is something I'd expect Aria to wear, so it's ironic to see Ali to wear it to her wedding rehearsal.

Spencer Hastings

Before I begin this one, I want to say I'm pretty sure I love all of their outfits in this scene, but I only had a good view on Spencer's. Red is a stunning color on her, and the ensemble is just so summertime chic! The square neck style of the dress lets Spencer show off her arms, and the red shoes with the block heels are so cute!

Emily Fields

By now, you probably know I find Emily's style to be rather plain and boring. She stepped it up for her final scene of the series, though. It's different, but it's still very much Emily. The bright graphic tee paired with the leather skirt and boots create an edgy yet tomboy-chic ensemble that's perfect for Emily.

Mona Vanderwaal

I almost missed this outfit, and I'm so glad I didn't. I'm surprised I didn't see more chokers in the final season because they're super trendy right now.

I love this outfit so much I want it for myself. The choker and suede moto jacket add some edge to contrast with the floral top. I just love how it all pieces together to create an easy and chic look.

Jenna Marshall

Here's the dress Hanna designed and made (but somehow didn't) in white that's by Sherri Hill in reality. I personally like it better in black, but I like the white one, too. It's better for summer, and I'd say it's girlier than the black.

Now that I've reached the very end, whose style do you like most? Obviously, I like Aria's and Hanna's most.

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  1. Even though I ship Emily, I like the fashions Aria wore the most. I love the mustard yellow dress with lace, ruffles and bell sleeves that Aria wore and also love that wedding dress!


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